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    I do not know but i live in edmonto, wanna study together?

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    Hi electricblack, I have read some of your posts in regards to writing the crne for the third time. I am currently in that situation and I would like to get some tips on how to manage to pass this exam. I have delayed writing this exam for two years as I am very devastated and have been experiencing a huge amount of anxiety. How did you study differently on your third attempt? Which prep course did you go to?
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    Quote from Helper11
    Any one writing the exam?
    Hi. I am writing the exam for the first time. Reviewed on my .own. i hope to pass on my first take. In winnipeg now.
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    Just a random question, are any of you planning on staying in a hotel near the exam location the night before? I'm driving in from about an hour outside the city i'm writing in and I don't want to have to worry about traffic.
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    anyone in Winnipeg Manitoba writing the crne this coming june 2013

    this is my last try writing in wpg in june

    staying at the hotel where exam will be, its much easier and doesn't cause extra worrying and stress that we don't need as the exam is as stressful as is
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    So excited to write the crne on june 5. I am an internationally educated nurse from Philippines. I just want to share that rrc has this amazing rn refresher program for those who want a review for crne. It helped me gain knowledge and confidence in writing the exam. Let us pray we all pass. I just had my baby three weeks ago l. She will be my lucky charm.:-)
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    Anyone in Brampton wants to join me for a study group. I am preparing to write crne in October. I am studying hard and r looking for serious d dedicated people.
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    Hi everyone, how was exam today?
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    the exam was not too bad! there are pathophys questions, a lot about teratogenics during pregnancy and ofcourse, psychosocial!

    Quote from neebapaul
    Hi everyone, how was exam today?
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    Do as many practice questions as possible to help you study and get used to questions with answers where it seems like 2 are always right and where it's difficult to discriminate which answer is the better answer.. it's not easy by any means in my opinion.. I felt pretty good at first when I got out of there but kinda driving myself crazy now going through questions in my head

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