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Hi Everyone! Thought I would start a thread for our examination group. I found the exam really challenging but after reading the CPNRE - January 2012 threads and seeing how freaked out everyone was and worried that they... Read More

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    Just called CNO and they haven't mailed out the results. I was advised that it will take 4-6 weeks. The lady I spoke to couldn't provide any additional information.

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    I too phoned the CNO today, they told me they have not yet received the results back from ASI, once they do it will take around 5 business days
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    this wait is even harder than the exam. i found the exam a bit too tricky. the questions were simple but the choices!! i always get left with two choices. the time was enough to finish the exam, but i feel like i would be more at ease if i knew i had extra 30 minutes. the thing is though, i don't know if giving extra time would do me good with the results as i would definitely change a few of my answers. changing answers didnt do me good in practice exams. so i dont know. the exam was a blur. it felt like i was just sitting there for 30 minutes! but it was four hours!

    anyway, the results should come next week. i doubt it will arrive this week. i had a friend of mine told me that a friend of a friend of hers had received their results the first week of june(ontario)that was unsuccessful, don't know if its true. she called me last week asking me if i had received any. thats when the panic started. wish she handt called. argh!

    fishing through mail everday had never been so stressful than this before. Good luck to us all. Godbless! Pray and Pray!
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    I think the results are mailed out at the same time regardless of pass/fail in each province. It will also depend on where you live and how long it takes for the mail to arrive so if you live in the middle of no where in Ontario than expect your results later than usual but if you live in Toronto it should be quicker. Out of all the provinces Ontario takes longer because our governing body houses the most nurses in the country so they do take longer to sort, process and send out the results. They probably have to analyze the results as well and send statistics back to each college, etc. Patience is the key!
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    how is the pass mark for the exam set?

    the pass mark is set in reference to the content and the difficulty of the test questions. the pass mark is not set using a norm-referenced approach such as “bell curving”. the pass mark is set by a panel of content experts from across canada. these content experts work closely with entry-level practical nurses, and include educators, experienced practitioners and administrators. the pass mark is set at a level that represents the performance expected of a competent entry-level practical nurse.

    the panel of content experts reviews each exam question and produces ratings based on a common understanding of a competent entry-level practical nurse. in addition to these ratings, a variety of relevant data (for example, information on the preparation of new graduates, data on results from previously administered exam) are carefully considered to ensure that the pass mark that candidates must achieve on the exam is valid and fair. based on this information, an appropriate pass mark is set. also, to ensure fairness, the different versions of the exam are equated so that all candidates have to meet the same standard regardless of the version of the exam.

    for each form of the cpnre, the pass mark is the same across writing centres and across provinces and territories. the pass mark is also the same for english and french versions of the cpnre.

    -assessment strategies inc. - canadian practical nurse registration examination
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    we recieved our results here in calgary i passed!!!!
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    results are out!!!
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    Hi do you know what is pass mark
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    My friend just got her results in the mail today (Toronto) she passed.. Now hopefully mine comes in the mail today
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    The passing mark is 107. I haven't gotten my result yet. I'm so nervous. :'(

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