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Has anyone who is going to register as an RN, RPN or NP in Ontario written the new Jurisprudence exam? I just wrote it now and it was just terrible. And I don't even have my results yet. Frustrating... Read More

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    lol @ better software comment. Am I going to get registration exam results before jurisprudence? that would be silly. Ive actually lost sleep over this.
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    anyone else get theirs yet?
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    Not me.... its so frustrating isnt it.. feel better we are all in it togther though!
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    Would have been nice if the CNO released a statement regarding the matter. But the last time the results page was edited was Feb. 4th.
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    I saw that too...
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    Just opened my email and received my results! Passed Hope everyone waiting has positive results as well. Hopefully the next round of students that write receive thier results in a timely manner as the process is streamlined. We are the guinea pigs; ermm' pioneers.
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    I received mine an hour ago.Passed. Next, I will have to fight with CNO to get my temporary license.
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    Just woken from night shift..... No still nothing... its driving me nuts !
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    Have just had "live chat" with Yardstick here is the reult...

    Sorry about this, there has been a delay in sending out the results, but we hope to have them all sent by end of day Thank you..Some people do have results .. others dont .. on Nurses forum people getting very anxious.. is there a system to results being sent out ? Ie alphabetical, geographic, pass/fail ?
    John: Unfortunately I do not have the details as to why there is a delay in processing the results. Our developers have been looking into it. Results have been released to people beginning yesterday

    To all those still waiting like me.... good luck.
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    I finally got my results at 4:18 pm. I am from Toronto. I passed! I wrote it on January 19th
    The wait is ridiculous and I sympathize with those waiting. This is truly unprofessional on their part.
    Wishing good news to all of you!
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    Finally got my results one hour ago, Passed!
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    Just received my results. A pass. Now comes dealing with the CNO to get a license I should have had before January.Good luck to you all, i'm sure you all will pass with flying colours! Keep on them, if you don't see your e-mail by end of day tomorrow, call them and inquire! They shouldn't be allowed to get away with this garbage.