CNO Jurisprudence Exam - page 8

Has anyone who is going to register as an RN, RPN or NP in Ontario written the new Jurisprudence exam? I just wrote it now and it was just terrible. And I don't even have my results yet. Frustrating and just awful.... Read More

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    YAY! congrats... no results over here yet.

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    10pm in TO. no results. If you guys get yours post and let us know!
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    22:20 in Parry Sound ( north of Toronto). nothing.. zip.. NADA.. absolutely nothing aarrrgghh !
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    10:35 and no results here in Toronto either. Congrats to all that passed and good luck to those waiting Freaks me out because there was originally a problem with my receiving the initial email from them to even write the test. I'm worried the same thing will happen with the results email.
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    just get woried when evrybody has results and you dont... it seems Toronto area has nothing yet..
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    Ottawa here and absolutely nothing.
    I have basically abandoned hope that I will see the results tonight. But you never know. I feel like writing a strongly worded message to the CNO indicating how unprofessional and dangerous it is for a professional, regulatory body who's mandate is supposedly to protect the public to falsify information on their website. This is pretty unacceptable, it's basically 1 hour until the 12th.

    Please, if anyone gets their results let us know! It would be greatly appreciated.
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    Really CNO? REALLY?!?! It's 30 minutes to and still absolutely nothing.
    So basically they flat out lied to us about when they were going to send us these results.
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    Finally received my results! I passed, thank god!
    Hope everyone else did well and receives them soon! =D
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    many congrats.. nothing here.. figure I failed seeing as everybody has theirs...
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    I don't think everyone has theirs yet?
    Do you know anyone else who has them? I think many of the people who were posting just went to bed haha. Don't worry, try to stay optomistic . That's what I tried to do at least even though it was really difficult. But I am sure passing or failing wouldn't influence the time in which you received your mark.

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