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Has anyone who is going to register as an RN, RPN or NP in Ontario written the new Jurisprudence exam? I just wrote it now and it was just terrible. And I don't even have my results yet. Frustrating... Read More

  1. by   Jeepers_Batnurse
    I think everyone who didn't get their results immediately got that message. I don't think that means u wait longer because as stated on the CNO website if you wrote between jan 1st n feb 10th you "will" get your results today.... I got that same message, I wrote Jan 16th.
  2. by   ebrn
    this wait is honestly soooo rediculous
  3. by   littlezhuzhu
    Quote from ebrn
    this wait is honestly soooo rediculous
    I agree!!
  4. by   bebeh
    Got my result just now! I PASSSED!!!! check now your email guys!
  5. by   steven007
    Now I am nervous.
    Has anyone else received theirs?
  6. by   Jeepers_Batnurse
    YAY! congrats... no results over here yet.
  7. by   Jeepers_Batnurse
    10pm in TO. no results. If you guys get yours post and let us know!
  8. by   snowhugs
    22:20 in Parry Sound ( north of Toronto). nothing.. zip.. NADA.. absolutely nothing aarrrgghh !
  9. by   sitting on a rainbow
    10:35 and no results here in Toronto either. Congrats to all that passed and good luck to those waiting Freaks me out because there was originally a problem with my receiving the initial email from them to even write the test. I'm worried the same thing will happen with the results email.
  10. by   snowhugs
    just get woried when evrybody has results and you dont... it seems Toronto area has nothing yet..
  11. by   steven007
    Ottawa here and absolutely nothing.
    I have basically abandoned hope that I will see the results tonight. But you never know. I feel like writing a strongly worded message to the CNO indicating how unprofessional and dangerous it is for a professional, regulatory body who's mandate is supposedly to protect the public to falsify information on their website. This is pretty unacceptable, it's basically 1 hour until the 12th.

    Please, if anyone gets their results let us know! It would be greatly appreciated.
  12. by   steven007
    Really CNO? REALLY?!?! It's 30 minutes to and still absolutely nothing.
    So basically they flat out lied to us about when they were going to send us these results.
  13. by   steven007
    Finally received my results! I passed, thank god!
    Hope everyone else did well and receives them soon! =D

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