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Hi everyone! I was wondering if i caould get any tips on the Canadain RN exam like how much prep does one really need? I got the Canadian RN exam prep guide (3rd edition) written by CNA if i... Read More

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    hi every one i m feeling anxious about my CRNe exam result,it was my first attempt on 6 feb 2008.I feel it was very difficult although I studied hard.any hope to pass?
    thxs all
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    Hi everyone..i just done my feb 6,08 exam tooo it was my second I'm very anxious .....but still have to wait for 4 -6 weeks to get back the result..the first part of the exam was goood and ok easy but the second party...some of the questions..i'm really not sure about ~~ I hope I cAN pass this tIMe!!!!

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