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Hi everyone! I was wondering if i caould get any tips on the Canadain RN exam like how much prep does one really need? I got the Canadian RN exam prep guide (3rd edition) written by CNA if i... Read More

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    Hi there,

    personally I would recommend you to study "Mosby Comprehensive review....., CRNE Prep Guide and the CRNE online exam which CNO offers". I did that and I passed :chuckle my Canadian RN exam in dec 2004. By the way I am an International Student.

    Good luck and Happy Holidays :hatparty: :hatparty:
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    Writing in a few weeks and wondering what the nurses that recently wrote thought of the exam? What is the best way to prepare for it? Is the online readiness test worth the $42? Any guidence would be helpful, thanks in advance.
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    I think the Canadian exam is not that hard, u just have to make the right choice, I suggest always pick the nicest reply. For the short answer, just be direct, they are only looking for specific answers. I prepared one month and a bit. i guess thats enough. Most of the questions dealt with pyschosocial issues, theres also lots about abuse, and the bulk is basically about patient's safety. oooppss study also procedures as well. I dont know if these might help, but i hope it will. Good Luck to you.
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    Thanks for the reply, gives me a point in the right direction. Did you have enough time and what did you do for prep?
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    yeah, i took the Learn readiness test, and did the CRNE prep guide several times. the format of the question is mostly comparable to the actual CRNE exam. i tried reading on some NCLEX books too, i even tried Mosby's comprehensive, its hard compared to CRNE but it will help u think critically. again, if u try doing that dont stress yourself much if ever u commit mistakes because ure stress level will get low and it wont help instead focus on whats more important which is the CRNE prep guide and the readiness test. good luck to u
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    I took it today. It was bad. I had not enough time to finish it and it was not easy at all. I was so stressed.
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    Is it true that canadian immigraiton is not open for new grad because we have to have certain amount of real word working experience (like 1200hours).
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    Canadian nursing registries require a minimum number of hours worked during the preceeding X number of years in order to maintain a license. In Alberta they want "(a) 1125 hours of registered nursing practice; or
    (b) successful completion of a degree or a nursing program satisfactory to the Registrar; or
    (c) successful completion of a nursing refresher program satisfactory to the Council" for Canadian applicants. International applicants must provide documentation regarding their education and undergo a substantive equivalence determination, prove licensure in their home country with documentation sent directly from the licensing body to CARNA, demonstrate proficiency in English and/or French, recent reference of 225 hours minimum of nursing employment in Canada or the US with documentation sent directly from the employer to CARNA and a few other things.

    Each province does things their own way. But you must realize that the greatest responsibility each registry has is to the people of their province to ensure that they receive safe, competent nursing care. That is why the requirements for ALL nurses to obtain registration are so stringent. It will never be "easy", nor should it be, to obtain a nursing license in Canada, because people's lives are at stake.
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    Quote from ocn_wanna_be
    Is it true that canadian immigraiton is not open for new grad because we have to have certain amount of real word working experience (like 1200hours).
    Whilst your nursing qualification may allow you to get to Canada via the SW route (approval of training transcripts and RN exam permitting), you may find that you cannot get there quickly via a work permit or PNP.

    The reason for this, according to the head of HR in a large hospital, is that Canada it training its own nurses and if a post is for a new grad, they can probably fill it with one of their own nurses and questions would be asked when they apply for the LMO.

    If they are needing a nurse with specific experience they the LMO would be little more than a formality.
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    hi every one i m feeling anxious about my CRNe exam result,it was my first attempt on 6 feb 2008.I feel it was very difficult although I studied hard.any hope to pass?
    thxs all

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