New nurse first job at camp!! - page 2

Hello everyone...I am going to be the RN at an all girls camp age 7-14 this summer...It's my first job as a nurse and I'm a bit nervous...I will be with an LPN the first 2wks, than I'm on my own the last week...My director has... Read More

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    hello everyone...I'm back home from camp j/k i'm glad to be back but was sad to leave...I had a great time at camp...I practiced my assessment skills and gained some confidence in going with my 'gut' feelings, and knowing when to ask for help...I had a wonderful experience and will be returning for cover days in a week or so...They all sang me a camp song goodbye and made me a cake It was very flattering...I will definetely return! Thanks for all the support those of you who were excited for me

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