How is camp going so far?

  1. I have to say I am loving it! This is my first job as a new grad and it's my 5th day in and I have found my groove. I've treated multiple scrapes, cuts, jelly fish stings, headaches, stomach aches, homesickness, sunburn, and even called a case of strep throat! The campers and staff seem to really like me and everyone calls me "Nurse Connie"! How is it going for everyone else?
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  3. by   donnemom
    Well week one over , week 2 starts tonight with the arrival of the LITs. Things went pretty smooth so far, only 1 sent home for unresolving fever. Now if I could just convince the program staff to stop doing stupid stuff I'd be able to get to the pool occasionally . We're a smallish Scout camp ( not all kids are Scouts) , about 300 on site each week , only one nurse but we are only about 20 mins from a hospital with an ED. So far lots of home sickness, lumps ,bumps,cuts and bruises. One adult to ED for a suspected TIA, waiting for him to have carotid dopplers this week. Let's see what happens this week!
  4. by   kfrancesca09
    I have been at my camp for six weeks, and am loving it! I never want to leave, but I only have three weeks left. Mostly homesickness and dehydration for me. Also, a little bit of altitude sickness since we are up in the mountains (this was new to me as well). We also had lots of homeless and refugee campers here on scholarships and often did not speak English. Obviously this made communication difficult when it came to one of them being sick or injured. But I found my way around it and managed to cope! Hope you all have a great summer!
  5. by   troop742
    I was at Girl Scout camp in southeastern Wisconsin for three weeks, mid-June into July, highest temp was 104!!! Actual temp, not heat index. I am proud to say, no one got actual heat illness, a bit heat-stressed, yes. But nothing worse. Our staff rocks!!! And the worst part was the lack of rain and the intense heat caused an algae bloom in our usually pristine lake. Yuk. So, we got a buses and went off to the local aquatic center. And played a lot of water games. Kickball slip and slide was fun! I'm now is northern Minnesota for four weeks, and the natural air-conditioning is on. And everyone is doing scarily-well! One bad throat that was strep-negative turned out to be mono, but keep fingers crossed, so far, so good!
  6. by   lehrerin
    Troop742---can you message me? I can't message I would like to talk to you about being the RN at GS camp and have a few questions......thanks!

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