which road should i take next? advice please.

  1. I'm soon to graduate from an ADN program, and wondering what to do next. I plan to climb the ladder until I get my MSN or pHd. Many offers are out there, but I want to hear specifically from those who have gone through them. Are the accelerated programs really helpful? I get scared hearing about these "accelerated" online classes as it sounds like I'm not going to learn anything due to non-interaction with others, I don't like the sound of book and computers alone. It sounds boring, if anyone has gone through it, was it worth it? what are the advantages and disadvantages? I've also heard that there is an ADN-MSN program, is it a good idea to go straight to MSN? Again, what are the consequences? I've also heard that if you don't take your BSN (as some who goes to RN programs have a bachelor's in some other courses) that you will not be able to teach in the future! Is this true? This is another issue why I'm not fully planning to do the ADN-MSN program. I have so many questions, clearly, I need more research on this. I hope someone can share their experience. Which is the BEST road to take, the LEAST time to spend in school while getting the MOST of education?
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  3. by   Coffee Nurse
    Not sure if you're planning on this, since your post was a little unclear on the point, but I think your next step from here should definitely be spending at least a couple of years at the bedside or in some sort of hands-on practice. Not only will it let you get a feel for your chosen field (and whether or not it's something you even want to go for your master's in), but I think most reputable schools prefer, if not require, a minimum level of clinical experience.

    Congrats on your impending graduation!