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    When I worked in California as an LVN in hospitals we worked 12 hour shifts, but they gave us something that said our wage would be averaged for all 12 hours. They paid us overtime for the 4 hours but they averaged it out somehow taking into account the time and half so the hourly wage you saw on the paycheck was less than the averaged amount they said they were hiring you at. Does that make any sense? So they would say you were getting $19.83 an hour but your hourly wage on the 12 hour shift was $17, because by the time they gave you over $25 for the last four hours it averaged out to $19.83.
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    Quote from TheCommuter
    However, imagine all the overtime money they'd have to pay out if all of you were working 12-hour shifts. This would amount to at least 4 hours of daily overtime every shift.

    8-hour shifts help to minimize the daily overtime issue. 32 to 36 hours per week minimizes the weekly overtime issue.
    Most places don't pay overtime for 12 hour shifts. It falls under "alternative work schedule" unless you are an 8 hours shift employee and stay over for 12

    "The maximum number of daily hours that may be regularly scheduled as part of an alternative workweek is currently the subject of debate. For most employers, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement has taken the position that the maximum number of daily hours regularly scheduled in an alternative workweek is 10. (An exception to the 10-hour requirement is expressly set forth in the wage orders for the health care industry, which permits the adoption of alternative schedules which include regular 12-hour workdays.) "

    Back to the original posters question. We have very few full time employees. I was hired 32 hours and that is what the majority work with 24 hours being the second most comment work status. I was hired over 20 years ago and have seen very few full-time employees over the years.
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    32 hrs has been common... down here in socal some community hospitals have those 8hr shifts....
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    The hospital I work for is trying to phase out the 8 hr employee. Very few are left over from an older union contract. Most shifts are 12 hrs. I have to say that 8 hour shifts in my opinion are less safe for the patient when you are combining these shifts with 12 hours. Under my contract any work past 12 hours a day is considered overtime as most hospitals in so. cal operate this way. The work week is then 36 hours total with 3 shifts.

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