want to be a Labor and Delivery nurse... what programs and degrees are best?

  1. I am currently attending CSU Stanislaus. I am more than half way done with all of my general ed requirements for graduation. I haven't applied to the nursing program yet, i've been looking at others to transfer to because i want to get in and out asap. I want to be a labor and delivery nurse and was thinking about just getting my associates degree but can't decide where from... kaplan in stockton, san joaquin delta college, ohlone, or just stay at csu stan...

    I'm so lost and have no guidance. It would be great if CSU Stanislaus had a nursing counselor !!!!!!
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  3. by   marycarney
    Be aware that your undergraduate degree is a generalist degree - it does not prepare you to work L&D any more than for any other specialty area. Your best bet would be to do some intense research on every possible program you will apply to, get the best grades possible in all of your prerequisite coursework, and get some healthcare experience - as in a job as a nursing assistant. I understand that ADN grads are having a much harder time finding entry-level positions, and that might sway you toward a BSN program.

    Look at all the pros and cons, seek guidance from your parents or other mature adults who have your best interest at heart and be prepared to WAIT. Many programs have lengthy delays due to an abundance of qualified candidates.

    Good luck.