Victor Valley College Nursing Program

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    Hi, I am currently working on finishing uo my pre-reqs at VVC and plan on attending the nursing program there. Just wanting some feedback from current or former students about their experience there. Would love to know all the details...good and bad. How long did it take to get in? For those that finished, did you feel well prepared? Etc...Etc...Etc...Thanks

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    I apply in the Spring of 2012! I will be watching this post as well Good luck to you!

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    Hi I'm in my 2nd process of 4 at vvc and I didn't have a wait I applied and got in the next semester, although I know some in my class said they waited 18 months to get in the same time I did, I graduate June 2013. As far as I have heard there is not a wait anymore. But that may have changed Idk, things can vary from semester to semester. The new incoming people have to get and 80% on all tests to pass, and/or get that in the class overall Idk exactly which one or if its both ?? But we were told that. And that's because the NCLEX is becoming increasingly harder. There are some awesome professors there, a couple who are iffy but that's unavoidable. I definitly recommend taking acute care CNA at vvc because some people come into process 1 having never had any type of hospital experience and go to clinicals and are too scared to even go into a patients room. semester one is very time consuming, semester two is a lot of studying, everyday. ATI sucks, and isn't helpful at all to me.As well as nclex 4000, but you will get used to it. The program is quite unorganized at times, but the teachers do what they can to help. I recommend reviewing tests. Because the final is cumulative. And that's about all I got. Good luck all
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    How did you get in next semester? I have heard that you have to take Nursing 246 and 220 first. I just applied and will be taking 246 over the summer once I get my acceptance letter. Thanks so much for posting!
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    Hi Everyone ! I am just starting my pre-req's at VVC and hoping to apply in Spring of 2013. The counselor told me there is a year waiting list, but I can do Nursing 220 and 246 in Fall of 2013 and then start the actual nursing program in Spring 2013. I hope it works out that way. I am so nervous because I am quitting my job to go back to school, and if I have to wait any longer than a year to get into the program it will be really hard financially.

    Rebecca, did you apply in the Spring? Did you get in, or was there a waiting list?

    Thanks for all the info ! -Pam
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    Hi Pam! I just got my acceptance letter from VVC this morning and I will be starting Spring of 2013! My letter stated that I could not take 246 over the summer , that I would have to wait until this fall. I can however take 220 over the summer. So I will be taking that. If you would like to keep in touch via facebook. Find me rebeccahmom25
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    Yay! Congratulations!!! I will definitely add you on Facebook. When did you apply to the program? Are you excited?
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    I just recieved my acceptance letter today in the mail. I am an alternate for the fall 2012. I have to take Nur 246 and 220 this summer. I am number 2 so wish me luck so I can save 6 months of waiting. Worse case I start in spring 2013.
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    How exciting! Good luck!!!
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    Hi Pam, did you get into the program? Did you already take 220 & 246? I received a letter stating that I'm Alternate #6 for Fall 2014, but it told me to take 220 & 246 in Feb I start in a couple of weeks! Just wondering if you started yet?
    Good Luck, Kim

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