VA San Francisco New Grad Program 2012 - page 4

Hey guys! Figured I'd start a new thread for the VA San Francisco new grad program that's coming up. Hopefully we can all share insight and information about the process as it goes along. Anyone else apply?... Read More

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    ahhhhh....still nothing!!

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    anyone hear anything regarding interviews? have they started calling people yet?
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    Hi everyone,

    Do you apply for RN residency programs at the VA through usajobs?

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    Yes, the job postings and online applications are available via the usajobs website.
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    I haven't heard anything from them except for the status change. I read somewhere, maybe in their website that my application eligibility ends sometime next week, what does that mean?
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    Has anyone heard back from SF VA?
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    nothing here! I left a message for the recruiter and an email. nothing as of yet.
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    I too tried to contact the recruiter via phone and email but no response. Hopefully we hear from them soon!
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    Recruiter said that those hiring are currently looking at the potentials and we should hear back by late December. There's been a delay because so many people applied
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    That is good to hear. I had all but given up since i had not heard anything from them yet. There is hope yet! Thanks for the update.
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