VA Palo Alto New Grad RN Program- Spring 2014

  1. Hi Everyone! I applied to the VA Palo Alto New Grad Program for the Spring 2014 cycle. I thought I'd start this thread so we could all share our progress through the application process to sort of calm our nerves. The closing date for the application is 2/26/14. Good luck to everyone that applied!
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  3. by   NurseNichole408
    Hi! I also applied to the program! Good luck everyone!
  4. by   SD_nurses
    Thank you for starting the thread! Not sure if my announcement was sent as a general email but thought I'd share with everyone anyways. I received an email today indicating that I qualified for the position at Palo ALto and that my name has been referred to the employing agency. Does any know when the next cohort starts? I saw on the job posting that the candidate must have a valid CA RN license by March 17, 2014, which I'm assuming is the start date. Thanks everyone and good luck ; )
  5. by   sarah715
    Thank you for starting the thread! I applied as well and would love to follow the progress of everyone, thanks!
  6. by   sarah715
    Hi @SD_nurses
    I don't believe I got the reply you did. Has anything further happened for you (i.e. an interview?)
  7. by   SD_nurses
    @Sarah715 No interview or additional emails. just an email indicating my name was referred.
  8. by   sarah715
    @SD_nurses Thanks for replying. Was it for a specific unit? Wishing you all the best!
  9. by   maqer
    I just received an email from the assistant nurse manager to schedule an interview for next week. Didn't receive a phone call, just an email.
  10. by   sarah715
    @maqer Congrats and good luck!
  11. by   JAMSALEStoRN
    I applied to the IICU. Congratulations and good luck Maher!!
    Which unit are you interviewing with? Was it your first choice?
  12. by   maqer
    I interviewed for the med surg unit in Palo Alto. Had my interview today, hopefully I made a good impression. I think it was my first choice, don't exactly remember. Good luck to everyone else!
  13. by   xikan07
    maqer are you a bsn?
  14. by   xikan07
    has anyone gotten a call to interview for the geriatric unit?