USD MEPN App 2012 - Fall Class of 2011 Stats - page 7

Hello all! I haven't seen anything yet for those applying for USD's (2012) MEPN program. I have almost everything finished for my application, but am refining my personal statement. It's been... Read More

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    Regular size envelope or big envelope?

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    Regular sized envelope, like the ones bills come in. Se
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    Thanks!!! I'm going home to check now. I was told I have mail from them!
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    Accepted!!! I'm so ecstatic right now! I'm still waiting to hear back from Western Uni though! The deadline is the 9th??? That's right around the corner!
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    Congrats imagine. Yeah a week from today haha
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    Congrats to you too nfigueroa4!!!
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    WOO HOO!!! I got accepted as well and I'm super excited! I nearly had a heart attack and my hands were shaking furiously as I was trying to open up the letter!

    I was stalking my email for the past week and freaked out a little when I saw I got a letter in the mail. Lol, at least it was good news!

    I can't wait to meet the rest of you who also got accepted!

    Is someone going to start a facebook group? Please let me know haha!

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    I'm in!

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    IN!!! Congrats to everyone else who got in...I can't believe how quickly we need to make a decision! Lots to do before I leave NYC for SD

    Looking forward to meeting you all in August.
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    I received my letter from USD today, I got accepted yaaaay.....USD is so beautiful!!!!

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