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USD MEPN App 2012 - Fall Class of 2011 Stats - page 7

Hello all! I haven't seen anything yet for those applying for USD's (2012) MEPN program. I have almost everything finished for my application, but am refining my personal statement. It's been... Read More

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    That's awesome Briordan!!! Congratulations!
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    Me too! I'm in San Diego and was devastated when I didn't get a letter on Friday and then again on Saturday.... I got the email and called and I'm IN! I am so so so excited!
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    What a relief seeing the deposit isn't due till a month from now!

    So I noticed we're not allowed to post links to facebook on here, so if anyone who got in wants the link to the facebook page Sara created, just message!
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    My interview was Feb 24, no I haven't heard anything back from Western, but I'm okay with it, I liked USD way better and I felt more at home at USD than at Western.
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    Congrats to everyone that got in. I got waitlisted, so it looks like I'll be heading to another program. Good luck to everyone!
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    Just FYI to those of you waitlisted, I was accepted and will be declining the offer to USD's program to go elsewhere. So there is hope for those of you waiting!

    Good luck to everyone!
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    I'm accepted! Still deciding on whether or not to go since I'm waiting from other programs, too. Should be putting in my deposit by the end of March if I don't hear from anyone!
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    Hey there nfigueroa4 ! Could you give me that fb link? I'd like to join the crew. =]
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    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone else had concerns re: the CNL degree. I understand that we take master's level courses, but are we earning a master's degree? The description on the site is not very specific. I know this is not an NP program, but what exactly does the CNL do that differentiates it from the BSN? I guess if it is an MSN you command a higher salary. My ultimate goal is to be an NP so I am weighing my options now...

    Also - anyone know what most MEPN students do about housing? Again...I'm coming from NYC so I'm pretty out of the loop on that.

    Last thing - can you send me the FB link!? I can't send a PM...

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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    Hi chiflavored and katiej815, I don't think we can paste a link here to the FB page. You guys can search for it under "USD Hanh School of Nursing MEPN Class 2012-2014" It's an open group.
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    @katiej815 - All CNL programs award a MSN (Master's in Nursing), including USD. Although you are awarded an MSN, it doesn't mean you are necessarily advanced practice (APRN). It just means that you can sit for the certification exam to become a Clinical Nurse Leader. For more information about the CNL role, I would visit this site on AACN, who created this role. American Association of Colleges of Nursing | CNL & CNC News

    I understand that you want to be an NP and you still can go for your NP certificate after you earn the MSN/CNL. Even though I was waitlisted at USD, I decided that if I was offered an acceptance, I would turn it down to attend another program that cost about the same, but I would come out with an NP. For me, the role of the CNL is too young and jobs seem scarce for that particular role. It may change in the future, but I don't want to sit around and wait for these changes to occur, when I can enter into a specialty of nursing that is already widely utilized and accepted. If you know what you want, than go for it, more power to you.

    I truly love nursing, but the confusion with advance practice specialties/MSN/CNL, 2015 Doctoral initiatives for advance practice, multiple certifications, non-uniform points of entry to become an RN, really make the profession seem convoluted. If it was up to me, I would require all nurses to have a BSN and all APRN to have a masters. Doctorates would only be reserved for those wanting to go into academia. Again, these are my opinions, so take them a grain of salt if you would.
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    Sent a private message to katiej815 and chiflavored for our Facebook group. hopefully the link works, but if not just try searching us on facebook like imagine12 said.

    "USD Hahn School of Nursing MEPN Class 2012-2014"
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    Hey pttrac I'm wait listed too. In my case I do really want to go to USD. So if anyone is not certain about this school please don't accept the offer, and give me a shot at entering this university. Congrats to everyone who got it!