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Hello all! I haven't seen anything yet for those applying for USD's (2012) MEPN program. I have almost everything finished for my application, but am refining my personal statement. It's been... Read More

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    I'm with ya! Fortunately I'm in an acute care class right now to keep my mind somewhat occupied. Will keep checking in for news. For now signing out to catch some :zzzzzgot clinicals tomorrow at Sharp Grossmont at 6am.

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    I'm going crazy! I've checked this forum multiple times today and have been stalking my email every 5 minutes. I'm sure we'll hear early next week. Positive thinking!!! Good luck to you all!
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    I haven't applied to USD but I'm considering it. I couldn't find anything about the cost of the program but based on per unit cost and number of units required, it is around $80k. Is that right? I might apply next year but I'm trying to figure out my various options.
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    It's going to be $95,000+ for tuition alone, then all other expenses like books, housing, travel costs, etc.
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    Ahh ok thanks. About 50% more than the school I was applying to at $66k for tuition. Something to think about.
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    Sigh..... so I called the office to find out if letters would be out end this week. I was told that there more stronger applicants this year so they are taking longer to finalize the list for graduate admissions. Further more admissions are so busy now with everyone else that it may not even go out this Friday. It may end up being next week before we hear anything.... URGGHHH!
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    so sorry imagine12, i just saw your question...i believe they said around 800 people applied total, 140 were offered interviews...something like that?

    this is a nervewracking of luck to everyone!
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    Thanks for responding katiej815. Wow, 800 is such a large pool. I feel so privileged to have been offered an interview. Yeah, I agree, this wait is excruciating. Hopefully we'll hear soon
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    CONGRAAATS!! I'm waiting for the mail man on my door steps! SSOOO NERVE WRECKING!! I wonder if it will come today though, do you live in SD?

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