USD MEPN App 2012 - Fall Class of 2011 Stats - page 5

Hello all! I haven't seen anything yet for those applying for USD's (2012) MEPN program. I have almost everything finished for my application, but am refining my personal statement. It's been... Read More

  1. by   christy17
    SO it is snail mail?????? Not email, right? Are you in San Diego?
  2. by   nfigueroa4
    Yeah i live in south San Diego. I just found out ucla declined me, and was pretty depressed. But my number 1 choice accepted me so it's all good! Good luck everyone!
  3. by   christy17
    Congratulations! I'm in the same boat. UCLA declined me too. I'm so happy for you! I want to leave work to go check my mail, so bad!
  4. by   AntRo
    OMG, so I waited outside for the mailman after reading the recent posts and there it was in all it's glory--an unopened letter from took me a minute to build up the courage to open it, but I got in!!! Congrats to everyone else who got accepted. I can't wait to see you this August

    I live in SD.
  5. by   nfigueroa4
    Nice! Congrats antro!
  6. by   ssshaheen
    I chased the mail man down the street, got my letter and I'm IN!!!!!!!!!! still in shock...see you all in August
  7. by   AntRo
    Congrats ssshaheen! See you soon
  8. by   ssshaheen
    Thanks AnTro :spin:
  9. by   imagine12
    Regular size envelope or big envelope?
  10. by   nfigueroa4
    Regular sized envelope, like the ones bills come in. Se
  11. by   imagine12
    Thanks!!! I'm going home to check now. I was told I have mail from them!
  12. by   imagine12
    Accepted!!! I'm so ecstatic right now! I'm still waiting to hear back from Western Uni though! The deadline is the 9th??? That's right around the corner!
  13. by   nfigueroa4
    Congrats imagine. Yeah a week from today haha