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Hey everyone! I turned in my nursing application for the university of SF in January. I wanted to see if there was anyone on here that's on the same boat as I am. Does anyone know when we should be hearing back from them?... Read More

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    @kay09x: I heard the same!

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    Thank you everyone!
    I had a 3.5 prerequisite gpa and 3.8 cumulative I also volunteered at a hospital. I only sent in one teacher recommendation from my micro teacher. I went to San Diego state for a year also. I live in the napa valley do its close to SF! Maybe that's why I got the letter early on? I actually applied for spring 2013 but the transfer rep emailed me and said they hardly had any spots to give away so she asked if I wanted to switch my application to fall 2013 so I essentially submitted my application in November!
    I'm sure you guys will hear soon this week and the next is when they are sending letters out!!
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    i applied as well and the stress is killing me! i am happy to hear people are receiving letters though and i spoke with admissions as well and they said they will be sending them out over the next 2 - 3 weeks. my gpa is about 3.5. i sent two letters of rec in as well but none from a professor. i sent one from my boss from st. josephs in alameda where i worked for three years in the rectory and one from my boss at an AIDS clinic in Oakland where I was office manager for two years and also volunteered in the mobile wound clinic. i wrote my essay around my experience working in the wound clinic and the needle exchanges. i am all a bundle of nerves this is my first choice and the only other 4 year i applied to is sf state. i applied to tons of jc programs to be on the safe side. i hope i am posting soon that i got a letter in the mail! im down in LA for all of March and unable to stalk my mailbox at home the hubby is on HIGH alert though lol
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    i am curious if any of you have tried logging into your application? initially when i logged in it showed dates received of all my documents etc but now when i log in it just say "applications in progress" admission term fall 2013 and date created feb 25 2013. have any of you logged in and if so do you see the same thing? i am especially curious for those people who have received acceptance letters already like @mpieper and @kaysevangelista... any information would be sweet as the curiosity is killing me.
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    I was accepted on March 11 and it still shows my application summary when i click on Fall 2013 (including dates received)??
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    I logged in and it says the same things it had said before including the dates my transcripts and things were received! Hope this helps!!
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    Has anyone heard anything yet?? I still haven't received anything.
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    I think letters come near the end of the week, so some people may be receiving letters by Friday hopefully.
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    I'm still waiting as well! But I live in SoCal so I'm probably going to be one of the last ones to get anything
    All this waiting is driving me insane!
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    yeah im sort of thinking maybe i didnt get in and thats why its coming up that way. its been that way for about the last month. im trying not to let it get the best of me but not feeling so great about it. im guessing since people that got in said their letters were printed on march 11th that they print letters on monday to be mailed out so if you are close to the bay then you will probably receive around wednesday but that is just a guess.

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