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Hi Everyone! I didn't find any threads for USF's ME-CNL Spring 2013 cohort, Anyone planning on applying?? Anyone currently in the program who can give some advice??... Read More

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    Hey guys!

    Thanks for the input.

    I submitted my space deposit via paper check. They cashed it, so I assume that means my space is saved.

    As for tuition, they can't charge us tuition until we actually sign up for classes. Step 4 of our orientation list asks us to register for classes, but then on the orientation schedule it seems that we will be registering the day of orientation...I was confused about that. I guess I will just wait until orientation day to sign up for classes.

    I haven't heard from financial aid either. I edited my FAFSA to include USF, but USF has yet to process anything (which makes sense since it's the holidays and the offices are closed).

    (Happy New Year, everyone )

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    Hello all,

    I spoke with the admissions office right before Christmas and I was told that they would be somewhat flexible on the deposit deadline as it fell on a holiday. What they meant by flexible they did not elaborate, nor did I ask. I was told by financial aid that the award letters would most likely go out when they were back in the office. I was also told that they would send us notification requesting a photo so that they could have our ID ready for us on the day of our orientation. Thought I would share that with you.

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    Hey guys! Congrats on getting in. I'm currently in the CNL program in Cohort 14! If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I didn't sign up for any of my classes until the orientation day. Orientation day is super helpful. You will get a general overview of everything that you still need to take care of. Make sure to fill out your FASA prior to the deadlines. Good luck!
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    MSNCNL14 Thanks for offering up your time to answer questions. I am sure we'll have plenty.

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    Hey all!
    I just wanted to let you all know that I spoke with the staff from the nursing department at USF today when I was on campus and they informed me that we must register online through USF connect prior to orientation and that we must pay tuition fees once registered for the classes. Also, I spoke to the gentleman in charge of the health requirements for clinicals and he said we must have the health requirement forms completed before the first day of class (Jan 22). These forms are to be filled in and signed, and uploaded as PDFs (all of this information is on the orientation steps page) and also set up a "virtual appointment" (can be done through the orientation page as well) when are forms are completed and ready to be reviewed. We will not be able to register for classes until our space deposit form/check has been processed and since today was the first day USF was back from holiday, they are in the process of reviewing and processing the space deposits. Once those are processed, we will have access online to register for classes. Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the information, mscanlon!

    I just called to cancel my space deposit check so I can pay online instead and register for classes. I really need a spot in the Tuesday skills lab instead of the Friday lab because I volunteer on Fridays. I'm currently looking for a CPR class and a place to get my blood titers. How is everyone coming along with their health requirements? There's so much to do and with so little time.
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    MSNCNL14 - How do you like the program (material, pace, professors)? Do you have any advice for our incoming class?
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    Hi telencephalon--I love the program. I think the pace is great (although there are definitely times where it feels like everything hits you all at once). I'm still working part-time and managing well. I highly recommend being very organized with your notes and text books. It took me a while to really get myself together but I finally found a method that works for me. Most professors use powerpoint lectures so I print the notes prior to class and have them organized by lecture in my binders. Listen carefully to the professors as they all have different teaching styles and you should be fine. Some of my favorite classes so far have been the Patho/Pharm courses. They are challenging but so interesting.
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    MSNCNL14 - Thanks for the info! Have you started clinicals yet?
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    Our cohort had our first experience with clinicals last semester. I had Kaiser SF for Labor and Delivery which was one of my favorite experiences of the semester. I know that they are changing things around a little as we ran into a few issues last semester. We are starting next week with our med/surg clinicals. I'm at UCSF for the next two semesters and can't wait.

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