University of San Francisco ME-CNL Spring 2012 - page 4

Hi Everyone! I didn't find any threads for USF's ME-CNL Spring 2012 cohort, so I decided to start one to give each other the support during the waiting period. Anyone out there applied to this program? Optimism87... Read More

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    I think we need to have our bls done before clinicals as well. It wa a pre req. it has to be done at a American Heart Association certified place. I just figure I should try to get it out of the way before we start, but I feel like time is winding dOwn and I have a lot to do so it might not get done. My name is Katie by the way :-). If you guys are doing financial aid fill out a form on the grad one step page to update te units you are going to take for spring and summer so that they can adjust your cost of attendance. It is the grad plus pre application I believe. I have to let my job know next week that I will not be workin for then once school starts. Not looking forward to that.

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    Hi All! I am still waiting for my letter, has anyone received theirs today? I am getting extremely anxious!
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    Hi MdSC,

    What letter are you waiting for?
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    I am waiting for my acceptance or denial letter from USF.
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    For Spring 2012 CNL they were sent out about 3 weeks ago
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    Im actually trying to get into the BSN program, am I on the wrong page? I'm new to this site.
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    Just found the BSN page! Thanks for the info!
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    Good luck MdSC!
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    Has anyone on the wait list been contacted yet? They said that they would be contacting the wait list this week, so I am curious if anyone has heard anything.
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    Did anyone apply for fall 2012 ME-CNL in USF? the deadline was 2/15/12

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