University of San Francisco ME-CNL Spring 2012 - page 2

Hi Everyone! I didn't find any threads for USF's ME-CNL Spring 2012 cohort, so I decided to start one to give each other the support during the waiting period. Anyone out there applied to this program? Optimism87... Read More

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    Wassup Everyone.

    Just wondering if anyone knows when responses will be sent out. Ohh yeah Good Luck everyone. ^^


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    Hey everyone,

    I applied to this program for this coming spring and I had also applied last October for Spring 2011. I received my denial notice in the mail around Thanksgiving. I'd anticipate we'd hear from USF around that time again this year.
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    Hi all,
    Has anyone heard anything yet? From looking at years past, it seems like people started being notified right about now
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    I've been in contact with the director of student services, and she just e-mailed me today saying that they hope to have decisions in the mail by next week .

    Good luck to everyone! I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get into the program due to not having taken public speaking (I took interpersonal communication instead). But they found a class I took that fulfills the requirement!! I'm so excited!!
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    Anybody have any updates regarding if things were sent out at least?
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    They have indeed been sent out, if you haven't received yours already I'd expect it by early next week. I've been placed on the wait list, unfortunately they didn't indicate what position in line. Guess I can only hope this was a few individual's second choice school. The waiting continues
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    Hi Everyone,

    I came home to a rejection letter. Did anyone have better luck?
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    Same here, and it was my second time applying. Fortunately, I was accepted to the ASBSN program at CSU Stanislaus, so I have already started there. I wouldn't have gone to USF regardless at this point, but I was curious to see how my improvements from the last application played out. You might want to look at the ASBSN programs for Sac State and Stanislaus. So far I am really impressed with the instructors and everyone who has organized the program to start this fall.
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    I have been accepted...any one else? Can't wait to get started!!!!!
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    Congrats sftballgirl! If you don't mind sharing, what are your stats and background? I was really bummed that I didn't even get waitlisted. I really thought I had a chance.

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