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University of San Francisco BSN 2013

  1. 0 Hey everyone!

    I turned in my nursing application for the university of SF in January. I wanted to see if there was anyone on here that's on the same boat as I am.

    Does anyone know when we should be hearing back from them?
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    I applied for Fall 2013 as well. I think we should be getting our decisions sometime this month actually.
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    I applied as well, but I'm not hopeful because I realized that even though my professor said she sent my letter of recommendation in the beginning of January it is dated as received on Jan 22--a full week after the deadline. Hopefully one of my other choices will pull through but I'm still watching the mail.
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    KristinaT - It should be fine. As long as you sent in your application before the deadline then you're in the clear. They told me that it's ok if the documents are received later than the application deadline.
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    Hi! I also applied for Fall 2013. I think we will hear from them this month-the anticipation is killing me! Is USF your first choice school?
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    Vivs is right. As long as you send your actual application in by the deadline, then all the supporting docs can be sent in after. My letter of rec was sent in late too. The transfer rep for the program was really cool about it and said as long as the app was in, then the supporting docs can follow. Good luck!
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    Well we only have twenty more days of march so hopefully the waiting game won't kill us with anxiety haha. USF is my second choice. Samuel Merritt is my first! And you?
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    USF is my first choice. I have a few friends who have gone there and they absolutely loved it. Its a little pricy but I think its worth it. Samuel Merritt is also a great nursing school. My father went there and had no problem finding a job as a new grad! 20 more days seems like so long haha. Good luck to us all
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    Thanks ladies, that makes me feel better. I've applied to a few schools in both San Fran and San Diego (where I currently live) because I'm not sure where ill be living next semester. My husband has applied to Berkeley and if he gets in we'll be moving north--if not then we'll stay in San Diego. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed to move).
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    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one suffering from anxiety over here haha. I'm waiting on a letter too! Hopefully we all make it in
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    I am also waiting to hear back for Fall 2013. I asked the transfer rep when they were sending letters out and she said this week and the following.
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    Anyone received an acceptance or rejection letter yet? USF is my first choice, but I have to register for orientation at my second choice (SFSU) by next Monday so I'm really hoping my letter gets here by the end of this week!
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    I have not received anything yet! I think they may send out an email first but I'm not sure. Hopefully any day now we will hear from them. Congratulations on your acceptance to sfsu!