University of San Francisco ME-CNL Summer 2013

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    Hey everybody,

    I didn't see a thread yet for the Summer 2013 cohort for USF Masters Clinical Nurse Leader Program so I decided to make one. The application deadline is coming up and figured it would be great to meet fellow applicants and stress out together haha
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    I'm also applying for admission to the summer 2013 cohort Just a couple more weeks!
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    Where else have you applied?
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    UCLA and Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science. What about you?
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    Samuel Merritt University, Western University of Health Science, Cal State La, Roseman University of Health Science, University of Arizona, Cal State Monterey Bay, and Hartnell College. Hopefully I get in somewhere haha...good luck to you!
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    Good luck to you too! What MSN track are you applying to?
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    For what school? Well my overall goal is to become a nurse about yourself?
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    Good choice! I'm familiar with the nursing programs for some of those schools and know that they all have different tracks, that's why I asked. I'm only applying to CNL programs in California.
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    Alyssag24, I see you on every forum We applied to a lot of the same schools. I am also applying for USF. Hopefully we might meet each other in a interview.
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    Hey scooby, ya I see we did apply to a lot of the same schools. I am so ready to hear back from them already. I am not a very patient girl ha!!! Nervous too because some people have already got interviews to the same schools I applied to. Right now I have one interview invitation from
    Roseman University, just hoping to get some more.

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