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University of San Francisco ME-CNL Summer 2013 - page 2

Hey everybody, I didn't see a thread yet for the Summer 2013 cohort for USF Masters Clinical Nurse Leader Program so I decided to make one. The application deadline is coming up and figured it... Read More

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    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for updating me on this link, I am waiting on interviews as well. Good luck to all
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    Hi everyone! I applied for USF's MSN-CNL program as well. I've been debating on whether or not to create an allnurses account but I finally gave in. Good luck to everyone else who is applying!
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    Good luck to you too! I was told we would hear back sometime in April, is that what you guys heard too?
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    35572vb703 It says in the "FAQ for the Non-Nurse" that they try to let us know 6 weeks after the deadline. In our case, exactly 6 weeks after February 15 would be around March 29...but I'm sure it really depends on how many applicants they get. Is USF everyone's 1st choice here?
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    Ohh even better, thanks for the info lolibear. USF is my third choice, I would prefer not to move to SF. Is it your first choice?
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    Well, the deadline is today... Let the waiting begin!
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    Hi All,

    I also applied to USF for this summer. I'm wondering how it works when we hear from them. I really like USF and it might be my 1st choice, but I'm not certain yet. It would be nice to know which schools I am in before I decide. Does anyone know how long we have to decide?
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    Hi scwolf,

    Nice to meet you! You will be notified through email and it takes them approx. 6-8 weeks to let everyone know. There are no interviews and your personal statement was considered your interview. Hope that helps.
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    Hi Guys,
    I applied to USF CNL program too! This is my second time applying since I didn't get in the first time :/
    Last time I got the rejection letter around my Xmas wasn't a very merry one. LOL
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    Hey everyone! Just want to say good luck to you all I turned in my application on the 14th (a bit late, woops!) and am dying to hear back already. I do have a couple prerequisites in progress so I'm not holding my breath... but figured I might as well try! I think the personal statement/academic resume/letters of recc. weigh pretty heavily in the decision though, so that may help.

    Hope to see you guys in May!
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    Thanks, ScoobyWong. That's helpful.

    There was a glitch with one of the transcripts I uploaded but I spoke with a rep at USF Admissions and my app is now ready to evaluate. Eep! Fingers crossed.

    Good luck to you as well, pinkcheeks and AnnaGold!
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    ahhhhhhhhh I can't wait anymore!!!!!! I need to know haha
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    alyssag, are you gonna put down ur tuition deposit for SMU since u r still waiting to hear from USF?? DUDE so nervous about USF. SMU is a more direct route to what i ultimately wanna become, which is NP, but the USF is more well recognized.