University of San Francisco ME-CNL Spring 2013 - page 6

Hi Everyone! I didn't find any threads for USF's ME-CNL Spring 2013 cohort, Anyone planning on applying?? Anyone currently in the program who can give some advice??... Read More

  1. by   Mesencephalon
    Thanks for the information, mscanlon!

    I just called to cancel my space deposit check so I can pay online instead and register for classes. I really need a spot in the Tuesday skills lab instead of the Friday lab because I volunteer on Fridays. I'm currently looking for a CPR class and a place to get my blood titers. How is everyone coming along with their health requirements? There's so much to do and with so little time.
  2. by   Mesencephalon
    MSNCNL14 - How do you like the program (material, pace, professors)? Do you have any advice for our incoming class?
  3. by   MSNCNL14
    Hi telencephalon--I love the program. I think the pace is great (although there are definitely times where it feels like everything hits you all at once). I'm still working part-time and managing well. I highly recommend being very organized with your notes and text books. It took me a while to really get myself together but I finally found a method that works for me. Most professors use powerpoint lectures so I print the notes prior to class and have them organized by lecture in my binders. Listen carefully to the professors as they all have different teaching styles and you should be fine. Some of my favorite classes so far have been the Patho/Pharm courses. They are challenging but so interesting.
  4. by   Mesencephalon
    MSNCNL14 - Thanks for the info! Have you started clinicals yet?
  5. by   MSNCNL14
    Our cohort had our first experience with clinicals last semester. I had Kaiser SF for Labor and Delivery which was one of my favorite experiences of the semester. I know that they are changing things around a little as we ran into a few issues last semester. We are starting next week with our med/surg clinicals. I'm at UCSF for the next two semesters and can't wait.
  6. by   haha09
    Hi MSNCNL14! I was wondering what your GPA was when you applied for the program? I'm looking into applying Spring 2014