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I've been researching United States University for the RN-BSN and I like it because it is a brick and mortar school that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I don't do so well with online classes so this school really meets my needs.... Read More

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    Kinda scary cause as of now, the Cohorts for nursing are on hold. They will hear again from the BRN in December to see if they are approved to continue on with the program.

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    Any updates regarding their status?
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    Quote from Unthinkable
    Any updates regarding their status?
    Yes. Every month I bug them and so I have all the updates they gave me. Supposedly the BRN met with them on Dec 23 but for the second time they did not have a quorum and could not vote on the proposed plan (or whatever they do.) They then told me it would be after the New Year. So I inquired in January again. Here is what I was told on 1/12 :

    "There is no change in the status of the school’s nursing program. We are still on warning status and cannot admit any more students until we are cleared by the Board. My best guess of when that might be, but it is only a guess would be May or June at the earliest, but we have to wait for the BRN to make their final decision as to the status of the school."

    What is weird is that in September they had a meeting with the BRN and thought they would have it resolved then but met again in October and then December. Then suddenly the solution is 6 months away.

    I just wasted $3000 bucks last summer, while not applying to the other schools and putting my time into a bunch of crappy classes that I can't transfer anywhere else and that were some of the worst, most moronic classes with idiot professors that I have ever had.

    Can I sue to get my money back?
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    Hey Everyone!

    So from what I've read, the ELMSN program is really just a BSN once you pass your NCLEX and then you have the option to pursue the MSN, right? If that's the case, can you take your MSN anywhere if they're only WASC accredited?
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    Yes, but only if they open the program up to a new cohort. They still are not accepting students and have not had the BRN give them a green light. I just emailed the director this week and she said to contact her again for an update in June.
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    That's basically what they've been saying for ages now.
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    Does anyone know what the math requirement is for the adn-bsn? I emailed an advisor today but they havent got back to me. REALLY don't wanna take stats... but I will if I have to.
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    Any updates on the nursing program with this school?
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    You will find the information here, page 147

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    Hello Everybody,
    There will a BRN meeting on August 29, 2012
    They will give an update on the future status for USU.


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