UCSF New Grad Program 2013

  1. Hi Guys!
    Just wanted to start a thread to talk about the next round of the UCSF new grad program. I want to get as much information as I can. I've read through the 2012 thread so I know it's a process. Anyone wanna share any information on how to get a job there? I'm from NY and graduate in May so I'll be applying when apps go up, I want to move out to cali so bad!
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  3. by   patiently-waiting
    Im also planning on applying to UCSF i called they said that the apps wont come out until around May so keep checking the website. These next 6 months are going to be pure death!!!!
  4. by   Raatoon
    Im planning to apply to UCSF as well. I hear its hard to get accepted but possible. I know a number of people in my cohort who will be applying too.
  5. by   db2xs
    It's supposed to be posted in May, right?
  6. by   asats
    Yeah! That's what I hear. I can't wait haha I wish I could apply right now.
  7. by   firecali
    Does anyone know anything about them hiring out of state I am moving back in May from Colorado. I had moved out of state because in California not many programs are accepting 2nd bachelors students. I saw from the 2012 thread that someone got hired from Colorado and also know that a classmate from the last cohort got hired at UC Davis. Does anyone have any advice on what certs and where to precept? I dislike how many of the california hospitals specifically the UC's will only hire you if you precepted in that type of unit. The recruiter told me on the phone they wont even forward your app to the manager if you didnt precept in the area because they go through 700-800 applications by hand. The only way he said around it was if I could get a hold of the manager and give them my cover letter and resume and hope that they call the recruiter and ask for my app so I dont get lost in the recruitment shuffle. Also any advice on what certs to get? I have my Paramedic, ACLS,PALS, BLS and am going to get my TNCC, ENPC, and NRP once I get my license in June. So looks like all of the UC's have an individual interview then a panel interview consisting of around 20 questions from what have grasped from the other threads. I guess my biggest question besides where you precepted is what is setting the people who get hired in front of the people who put 100's of apps in and wait 2-3 years still not getting hired is it their App, Resume, Cover letter, or is it their certs, or is it their interviewing skills or just purely they didnt precept in the areas that are hiring or dont know the right people?
  8. by   asats
    I wanna know about hiring from out of state too, like phone interviews and what not. We need someone to comment who applied last year/got the job!
  9. by   cloucel
    Not sure if this is a true, but I'm a MS student at UCSF and a professor of mine said today that she heard UCSFMC wasn't doing a new Grad RN program this year, but that may have changed.

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  10. by   annakahara
    yeah I heard they pushed back their new grad program to jan. 2014. We had the peds onc. manager come speak to us and he said he doesn't like to hire ppl who doesn't have family or live in the bay area.
  11. by   db2xs
    Quote from annakahara
    yeah I heard they pushed back their new grad program to jan. 2014. We had the peds onc. manager come speak to us and he said he doesn't like to hire ppl who doesn't have family or live in the bay area.
    Wow, talk about "That blows" times two.
  12. by   db2xs
    It's confirmed. I wrote to the Recruitment Coordinator and she said this:

    "Thank you for your interest in employment at UCSF Medical Center. At this point in time we do not anticipate that we will be training in 2013. I am advising everyone to access our career website to set up a job search agent that will notify you whenever we post any training programs. Access www.ucsfhealth.org/jobs to create an account. Conduct an advanced search with “training program” or “RN training program” as your key words. Then save this search so that when we open the programs on the website, you will receive an email notification. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions that you may have."
  13. by   asats
    :'( so sad! Oh well. Good luck to everyone!
  14. by   Raatoon
    This blows, UCSF was my dream job! I guess there are other programs that are as good in the bay. Stanford has a really good program I hear. Anyone know of any other programs in NorCal for new grads?