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Hi, I was wondering if anyone on here applied/interviewed for the Spring PeriOp program? I just interviewed for it a couple days ago. Does anyone know how long they will be interviewing for? How... Read More

  1. by   NurseMeBSN
    Quote from Ms_Tee
    Congrats NurseMeBSN! Did they give you any information about scheduling an appointment for the background check and physical? I know we were supposed to be contacted at the beginning of this month, I'm waiting...!
    . I was told we'll hear from them again end of this month. Since the start date isnt till end of feb.
  2. by   Ms_Tee
    Thanks NurseMeBSN.. Can't wait to start!
  3. by   NurseMeBSN
    Hey ms tee, let me know if you hear from them first! I've been seeing other new RN's are calling in to make appts?
  4. by   Ms_Tee
    I was contacted on Tues to confirm my nclex pass date, HR also contacted me to come in for fingerprinting so I got that done on Wed. I had to schedule the physical/immunization/drug test on my own. Hope that helps.