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Hi Everyone, I just got a job at UCLA's SICU/Liver transplant New Grad Program. Praise God!:yeah: Anyone else starting with me? I think the support would be great :wink2: I also wanted to thank... Read More

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    Hi Malaski,
    I am applying for the UCLA grad program this October for start in Winter 2011. If you have time, I would love to hear more about your experiences.
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    Anyone know when the next UCLA New Grad RN apps will be up? The one for next summer?
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    i think in feb? the application opens in march?
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    That is what ive heard at least...
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    hi malaski!

    i had a quick question when you met for your in person interviews with the unit manager, did he/she want you to bring your resume and letter of recommendations with you?

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    Hi. I just got a phone call for one on one interview on Monday for liver tx icu position.Is there any way you can PM for some tips and interview questions. I can't PM yet because Im new to this.I havent posted 15 messages. I would really appreciate if u would...thank you
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    i got a question im having the hardest time finding where you apply for the UCLA new grad program and i was wondering can you help my by posting a link