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UCLA MECN FALL 2013 - page 6

Haven been looking around and haven't really seen a topic on this yet. This is my dream school/program. I am from Seattle so I am having to get a lot of info from them long-distance instead of going... Read More

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    I was told a little over 500 applied this year.
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    How many will they admit this year ?
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    I love your idea choe.cm! I heard that too lishi. When you hear about the number of people that apply, I start getting more worried and think I have no chance of getting in.
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    lishi, where did you see that they were admitting 90-100 students?
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    ishi, where did you see that they were admitting 90-100 students?
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    I know last year they admitted 90. That is what they said during the info session during the summer. They said they will admit 90 this year too.

    It used to be 60 but they increased it to 90 for the first time last year. They will decrease it if they have financial issues but it didn't look like they will.
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    keep your options open and dont be afraid to apply to BSN programs or CSU's... UCLA does not live up to their standards when it comes to the MECN program... In other words, if you want to pay big $ to teach yourself than go to UCLA
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    I'd hate to tell that the current class of 90 is struggling very much... the faculty cannot handle their large group and they are constantly running into problems.. Def not the experienced I had... but it doesn't sound like 90 was a good idea academically just financially of course!
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    Are u in the mecn program or u graduated? Is hat easy to find a job in hospital from mecn new grad?

    How are mecn professors and clinical classes?
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    @uclanurse1: can you please elaborate on your comments regarding the program? I would also like to know if UCLA grads have an easier time finding employment.
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    Yes. Please tell us more details about the program.
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    First time on the forum. It's helpful to see others as nervous as I am! This was the only program I applied to.