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Haven been looking around and haven't really seen a topic on this yet. This is my dream school/program. I am from Seattle so I am having to get a lot of info from them long-distance instead of going to an information session. Has... Read More

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    its been so hard waiting all of these months to pass by. i try not to think about it but i cant' help it!!!! Arrrgggghhhh.... I want to know so badly already. i love ucla and i really want to go there. just a few more weeks. got to keep telling that to myself. good luck to everybody on this forum who applied for fall 2013!!!!

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    Hi Binky16

    I applied for fall 2013 and I put intro to chemistry as my chem prereq. i was contacted by an admissions officer that i needed a higher level of chemistry than that. I took gen chem 1 and asked them if that would be enough. Since it was a series I was told that I needed gen chem 2 instead. The good thing is that I had both of them because im a bio major and took 3 years of chemistry, so my grades were readily available. You should contact them to double check and to make sure that the chemistry you took is more than enough to satisfy their prereqs. they are very nice people and will answer the questions in a very nice and timely manner ( i speak from experience).
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    Hi Superfryk

    i got emails from them regarding my application as being complete and also to let me know that i need to post when a bachelors degree and to take epidemiology during summer at ucla if i get accepted. i think the most wrenching email that i got was from ---------- telling me that they were going to evaluate my application but for some reason the system was not allowing them to download my statement of purpose. i was asked to resend it again. this was a week ago. i had blocked myself from thinking about ucla's mecn until at least the beginning of march. knowing that they were going to be evaluating my application as soon as i resend them my sop, it is making me so nervous. Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!
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    A lot of the community college in the LACC district- (Pierce, West LA, East LA, Valley, etc...) offer Chem 51 which is a 5 unit course that includes Organic, Biological, etc.... I know this covers ALL of the chem requirement- so I would double check your info- no need to take more than one Chem class if you dont need to!
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    For those who applied to UCSF their decisions were released today.
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    Any updates for ucla ?
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    I have been checking the following site. UCLA should be sending letter early to mid March (According to the previous years on allnurse.)

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    Thanks. I will check that site for status. Hopefully they will let us know in three weeks.
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    I wish they emailed decisions or called admitted applicants, its so much faster haha
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    I agree!
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