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Hello everyone, I am currently a sophomore at UCDavis, and am set on doing nursing, but I only figured it out recently. I'm in the Human Development major, and was wondering if I should just transfer out of Davis? Or should I... Read More

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    Sounds like I'm writing this thread. I am a UCD grad, Human Dev major. I didn't realize that I wanted to be a nurse until after I graduated, so After finished my BS in Davis, i went to sac city college to take 3 prerequisites and then I went to a one yet accelerated BSN program. I've been a nurse for 6 years. Best long winded career decision I've ever made!

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    Thank you so much for the helpful tips everyone! Do you think Nursing programs look at if you failed a class or not? I think I am getting a C in Stats, and I was wondering, should I just fail and take it again, or just get the C? Do nursing schools average the 2 grades, or do they look at the highest one? Thanks so mcuh!
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    Since you're supposed to send in your transcripts to them, they will see if you had failed a class. Some nursing schools require a B- or higher in a pre-req. Some schools will average the 2 grades, some schools will look at the most recent grade you have from the course (if you've re-taken it).

    UC Davis won't let you re-take a class that you've received a passing grade in. Since it's finals week, see if you can ace the final and get a B in the class or something. Take this with a grain of salt and see what you think is best. My friend intentionally failed a course and she re-took it later on and got a better grade in the course.

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