Starting a thread for SDSU Spring 2013 Cohort

  1. Starting a thread for SDSU Spring 2013 Cohort

    The main question that is floating around right now is:

    Are transfer students eligible for Spring 2013?

    We know there is no Spring admittance but will we be able to be admitted for Fall 2012 and start some GE classes while waiting for Spring?
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  3. by   tiger07
    Pcroizier- what do you have IP? & are you from the SD area?
  4. by   PCroizier
    I only have 64.
    52 for my grades and 12 for TEAS.
    I don't have any work exp yet.
    I am not really super hopeful for this cohort but it is only my first application.
    I have a CNA program lined up for summer so that I can get some experience for next falls application.
    I also applied to some community colleges fall ADN programs and might go that route; everything depends on how evey other thing pans
    The only thing I don't want to do is have nothing to do for a whole year.
    What about you?
    I did hear around that spring is easier on points.
  5. by   tiger07
    I have general bio and biochem in progress. Assuming I get A's in those classes, which I'm really hopeful for, I'd have 73 points. I did hear that spring is easier also, but with this whole transfer issue, I'm afraid we will be denied admissions just because we're transfers. I'm also 2 hours away from SD so I won't be given any priority. I did get into 2 bsn programs but i honestly would rather go to sdsu
  6. by   PCroizier
    i live in sd...forgot to mention that part. sdsu is my only bsn choice since i don't want to uproot my family (i have a husband a two young babies).
    i wish it was more clear about the issue..alothough i found the forum that i mentioned and it was and twobucktin who mentioned the issue with spring transfer.
  7. by   tiger07
    yikes, i've seen that post too :/ doesn't sound good at all. wish the SoN would just tell us straight up if transfers will be able to make it in spring. Have you considered USD? Tuition will be higher, but they have a good nursing program too. You should check it out
  8. by   slu92
    Hey! So does anybody know what the deal is with enrollment for Fall 2012? The deadline to SIR is today and I'm a bit worried since I haven't received any notifications from the university yet.
  9. by   PCroizier
    I may consider it. I have another GE course though before I am eligible..and its in area A which is a YUCK for me. I am not great at English or Comm courses..I have a C in English (and a B in Comm.) Its the only C on my record and I glare at it often.
    Its pretty obvious though that if this transfer hiccup comes to nothing that you will get in.
    Just to be clear you called SON about it? or main Admissions?
    I called the main so I am considering calling SON, but if you called SON then it doesn't really seem to matter and I'll just wait and do what I should be doing now..homework. (also Biochem )
  10. by   PCroizier
    @ slu92
    there is another forum for fall stuff ust search sdsu fall 2012
    the gist of it thoughis people have recieved both acceptance and rejections, BUT those that have acceptances had to reply by sunday so they may be sending out more acceptances if there are more spots and then more rejections.
    Main admissions said that SON has not finished everything yet when I called yesterday, they also said if you are still pending then the deadline is not applicable and something will be done about extension I guess.

    also, you check your webportal right? the university doesn't send emails to my knowledge they only put info in the webportal but SON will send you an email.
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  11. by   tiger07
    I called the SON. I always have a hard time reaching someone in the main admissions. I haven't heard from sdsu since november when I applied. lol
  12. by   PCroizier
    I'm a little sad theres no other spring applicants around. I was all excited reading all the fall thread replies.
  13. by   tiger07
    same here. but if you think about it, there are plenty lurking at this thread. and fewer spring applicants means we have a better chance of getting in. hehe

    Anyway, spring grades are due june 30th, so i'm guessing we'll hear back from them late july-august. yikes. & then fall semester begins end of august. i wonder how that's all going to work out
  14. by   PCroizier
    travelling the threads again looking for the info on spring 2012 admittances I learned they heard July 25th..but I got something better (you probably read it at one point also but just in case..and for our lurking friends)

    "To clarify I applied and was admitted to sdsu for fall 2011 but was admitted to the nursing program for spring 2012 "

    unfortunately this person is talking about how they failed to take any GE courses in the fall while waiting for the spring program and was subsequently dropped by the university; for us though it is another check in the positive column!

    It will be a super busy time those 3 weeks or so before fall but nothing impossible, people are always looking for roomates (I'm thinking 2 hours is just a bit too far for your commute)

    It would actually work out so perfect if we (and whoever else is in the same boat) get to enroll for fall and get some GE done instead of trying to do it concurrently with the program (or heaven forbid after!!)