Stanford and Lucille Packard RN Residency Program September 2012 - page 5

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Hey there Bay Area new grads! Stanford and Lucille Packard have posted the dates for their RN Residency programs and they open at the end of the month! (April 30th) Good luck you guys!... Read More

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    WOW thank you @malpal89 for answering my questions. from what I was told we will be interviewing in groups of 4 newgrad's w/ 4 nurse managers and we will be asked a series of behavioral questions. we even will be asked to critique and interact with other fellow new grads. it's like the frickin' hunger games of nursing!
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    any change in status with regards to SHC? when are they calling people mine says app in review.
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    I've seen a few posts on various websites saying some people were called by SHC for interviews. Are they done making calls? Has anyone on here heard from them...when are interviews?
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    I got a call for an interview last month (end of May) for SHC. Interviews are July 24-26th, I believe. 72 applicants for 12 spots. Good luck everyone!
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    Yeah I don't get it! I applied to lpch and had no status changed. I know they have called for interviews for lpch and stanford. You never know they could call for more interviews if they dont like those who they interviewed.
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    Does anyone know if there is a time limit for interview answers?

    I'm scheduled for Friday the 13th at LPCH.
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    for those who were granted interviews, did you have any recent hospital work experience ? GPA?
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    2 minute time limit
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    Thanks MSNRNCNL!
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    did stanford adult start calling people for panel interviews yet?