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Hey there Bay Area new grads! Stanford and Lucille Packard have posted the dates for their RN Residency programs and they open at the end of the month! (April 30th) Good luck you guys!... Read More

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    Quote from havivi
    Hi! Thanks for the info. I wanted to know if it was worth (please I know this question may sound stupid in the beginning) getting the BSN and completing a Nurse Residency program. Will a hospital be more likely to hire you? Than say specifically a new nurse grad from a AA/AS program? I'm asking because with the tuition hikes I'm re-considering my RN education route... Either that or anyone who has actually completed a Nurse Residency program and can easily (more easily) obtain a job? Can you also look for work in another state? What are the regulations with that? I hate this economy (

    Basically, here is my personal concern. I want to do the critical care nursing, and everyone has told me completely different ways to get a position in the field. If it is best to hold out for the BSN, if no job prospects upon graduation then I'm willing to complete a Nurse Residency however only under the auspices it would grant me an actual job... Hope you can understand !!!
    If you have a bachelor's degree you do have a slight advantage sometimes. It all depends on who is looking at your application, some might view more experience in other health care fields more important, for example. At the same time some hospitals, like Stanford, are moving to bachelor's degree only because they want magnet status. But will a bachelor's guarantee you a job? The simple answer is no.

    You can work in another state if you apply for reciprocity, every state is different and you'll have to look up the procedure for each state. Unless of course you are in a compact state then your license will work for any other state within the compact. I don't remember the states off hand I just know California, where I'm from, is not one of them.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    Any news from lpch.?
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    Quote from loma510
    Any news from lpch.?
    Not on my end yet.
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    Me either and no status change
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    well look on the bright side, at least we havent received any rejection emails yet
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    True!! I wanna keep it that way lol
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    Got a call today for a panel interview at LPCH on July 11. Goodluck to everyone!
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    MSNRNCNL maybe I will see you there!

    Do you know how many people they are interviewing and how many spots they have this time?

    I am thinking they are calling us in the order we applied. I applied right when the application opened. When did you apply MSNRNCNL?
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    I know it would take them a couple of days to make calls there are a lot of us! good luck everyone I hope to see you there
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    I was called for a panel interview on July 12th! The woman from HR told me that the format is 4 new grads, 4 managers/assistant managers.

    I applied right when it opened. Keeping my fingers crossed that you lovely new grads get phone calls soon as well!

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