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Hello, Just wanted to start this thread for all the Summer 2011 Stanford and Packard RN Residency hopefuls!!! Good luck everyone!!! :)... Read More

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    Congrats Pugz!

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    Congratulations everyone! I thought after the panel interviews they said they were only calling 36 back for the final interview! Are they calling back more?
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    Hi Gleek of an SN. Yes, they are calling back 45. I'm assuming they had a great pool of candidates and more interviewees made the cut off than they were expecting. But, they still have 25 positions open so that means that more people will not make the final cut.
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    Just found out I will be interviewing with NICU and PACU! I'm so excited!
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    Congrats Pugz4me! Good luck!!!
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    Do you happen to know if they are calling alphabetically?
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    HI Sweetest Jae,

    Are you asking about HR calling to let candidates know they've moved on or are you asking about unit managers? If it's HR I think they are finished, if it's unit managers I believe it should be by the end of the week or early next. One of my two picks called yesterday. Also, sounds like they are matching candidates with a different second choice if their second choice's unit already filled up their interview spots. My status did change yesterday to "in review." Hope this helps and congratz Pugz!!! Those sound like great units! Fingers crossed for everyone on this crazy journey.
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    What units are you interviewing cu1234? Good luck on your interviews!
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    Hi Pugz! I'm interviewing for maternity and pediatric cardiac acute care. Really excited about both units.
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    Hey Pugz! I think I was in your interview group on Thursday at 1:45! I am the one that was from VA! Which one were you? Were you the one I talked with when we both got out of our cars? I am going to be traveling back for a final interview, I just haven't heard what units yet! GOOD LUCK WITH YOURS!

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