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Hello, Just wanted to start this thread for all the Summer 2011 Stanford and Packard RN Residency hopefuls!!! Good luck everyone!!! :)... Read More

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    Just got the call that im going on to the final round of interviews for Stanford! Couldn't be more excited
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    I have some great news to share... I was just offered a position on Maternity! I'm totally blown away and excited. Best of luck to everyone!!!
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    Did they tell you what units you will be interviewing with? Congrats!
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    I got the call this morning too, as did another classmate. Yeah! Glad I can breath a little easier for a bit.
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    Congrats cu1234!! I guess I will be seeing you on September 12th Congrats to all the stanford applicantss moving on to the manager interviews. Good luck!!
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    Hey guys! I also got hired at LPCH and I know this might sound like a weird question but I am relocating from a far distance and I was wondering if anyone could recommend apartment complexes, safe areas of town, or possibly where you're planning on living. Any help would be greatly appreciated because the move is starting to become a little overwhelming Can't wait to meet everyone on September 12th.
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    has anyone heard anything from Stanford yet??
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    meggleweggle - have you had both of your unit interviews? How did they go? I have my second one tomorrow. I would hope we will hear something from HR by the end of next week?
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    crazyframes - I hope your interviews went well! I had both of mine, one of them I felt really good about, and the other one was sort of so-so. I was asked to interview for a third unit, I guess some new positions opened up on a different floor they weren't expecting to take new grads on. I have yet to hear from the nurse manager for that floor yet to set up an interview.

    One of my friends was already offered a position at Stanford today!! So excited for her! I haven't heard anything yet, still hoping they're making calls...keeping my fingers crossed!
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    That's awesome you got asked to interview for a third unit! Which one? What other two did you interview on? I met with F ground and D3. I think both interviews went well but it can be so hard to judge. That's awesome that a friend was offered a position already! I too hope they still have people they need to call! Good luck with the third interview!

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