Stanford and Lucille Packard RN Residency Program September 2012 - page 5

Hey there Bay Area new grads! Stanford and Lucille Packard have posted the dates for their RN Residency programs and they open at the end of the month! (April 30th) Good luck you guys!... Read More

  1. by   ginalizar
    Anyone else here interviewing the 12th at 3pm????
  2. by   majisdicp
    Does anyone know what the pay is like?
    What units they have available this time?
    Examples of questions they ask during the interviews?
  3. by   bluechick112
    Good luck to all who are interviewing!I was hired in the last cohort, and I believe the available units are different each time around depending on funding. For us, we had positions in oncology, neurology, cardiology, and orthopedic units. It's a wonderful program with awesome support at an outstanding facility.Best of luck everyone!
  4. by   pterodactyl.RN
    Best of luck, everyone!!! I am also interested to see what units area available this time around bluechick112, thank you so much for the kind words about the program! What unit did you end up in?
  5. by   illsince83
    this anticipation is killin me!
  6. by   sfforumer
    Forgive my confusion, but I was under the impression that they've already made the calls for interviews not just for the children's hospital but for Stanford as well. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.
  7. by   afrinurse
    I think everyone has been contacted for first round interviews. Lpch has finished these, and ppl are now waiting to hear about 2nd round...
  8. by   ercastro2
    We find out about round 2 today... if we get a call we made it! If not we get an e-mail tomorrow.... I'm a nervous reck! Oh and wanted to say Hi to my interview buddies: Danielle, Stacy, and Zim!!
  9. by   peanutsauce
    @sfforumer - Yes, all calls have been made for first round interviews for both peds & adults. LPCH candidates are awaiting calls today for unit interviews.

    @ercastro2 - Ah thank you for letting us know that you'll get an email if not selected - I think after panel I pretty much tuned everything out, haha. I'm a nervous wreck, too. I think that just knowing that today is the day makes me even more nervous! Best of luck to you
  10. by   illsince83
    man im so nervous, i couldnt sleep and got up at 530 to go to the gym cuz i didnt know what to do with myself. im checking my phone every 5 minutes in case i get a missed call
  11. by   peanutsauce
    Just got a call from LPCH HR to let me know that I'm moving onto unit interviews! I'll be interviewing on two of the peds med-surg units.

    I'm wishing everyone else positive energy! Hope those phones start ringing soon!
  12. by   andee310
    Hi everyone!! so nervous about panel interview. any guidelines or tips? how long would it last? ..What happens after the first interview are they going to ask your top three unit in which where you want to work at? Goodluck to all
  13. by   afrinurse
    Anybody else hear from lpch? Or know when managers will start contacting people for unit interviews?