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SJSU Nursing Spring 2013

  1. 0 Who is an SJSU pre-nursing applicant for spring 2013? We can all come together and wait for our letter! XD
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    Hey Smallpandagirl I am waiting for my letter too! 5-6 weeks ended last week and I'm going crazy haha. I wonder when we will receive our letters. I'm a nervous wreck. =/ How are you holding up? Do you have a strong impaction score?
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    I overheard someone talking about it, but apparently, even though the letters aren't out yet, if you are able to register for any classes under the "NURS" prefix it means you're in.
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    Hey guys, I'm waiting for my letter too. Somebody told me we should get it before Thanksgiving. I'm super nervous now, just cross my fingers and hope that I will get in. Anybody have any idea about the cut off score for spring 2013?? I heard last semester was around 10.2 but the fall 2012 was around 11.0
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    I just received my acceptance letter; I wanted to inform that my impaction score is a 10.82, I do not believe the cutoff is 11.0.
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    I finally got my acceptance letter this morning . Best of luck to everyone who's still waiting!!
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    yeah, i think i know who you are... =]
    im waiting for mines
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    do you know if they take the people who are right @ the cutoff?
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    I got my acceptance letter yesterday too...just so happy, best wish to everybody
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    Congrats to everyone who got accepted! Does anyone know how the pending list works? My letter says that I am on the pending list and about 8-9 are in the same situation as me. Is this a rejection letter? I am not sure if this letter is sugar coating it that I got rejected. They said that I have to wait until Dec. 15 and for the meantime I should probably want to take my immunization and background check due to the long process for both. Please! If anyone has more information let me know! This waiting process is a pain!
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    At the orientation that I went to they said that it means u are about right at the cut score or a little below it so they place u in pending. If anybody in the 60 people that were accepted decide to drop out then they will put u in to fill the empty spot.good luck )
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    Hay! Im pending too, my schedule for next sem us empty! Idk wt rank im pending either!
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    @xxFaith , what is ur impaction score? im on pending too