SJSU Impaction scores!!! Please Help Advise!

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    Hi everyone! I am applying for SJSU's BSN program in spring of 2013 for admission into their fall 2013 program. I have an impaction score of 10.59. Do I stand a good chance of getting in? I am so bummed because SJSU just goes off of your impaction score and doesn't allow any EMT certifications (I am EMT-B certified) or volunteer hours (have 100+ in an ER setting) to be considered. Please respond with your impaction score and the impaction score of the year you applied to the school.



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    did u get accepted?
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    I'm applying for Fall 2013 so I can't apply until March
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    Hi themary 89,
    I just got accepted at SJSU for spring 2013. my impaction score was a 11.14. good luck! the wait can be nerve wracking but don't let it get you down!
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    Hey KrioH,

    THanks so much for responding! 11.14, holy crap! No wonder you got in! Anyone else you know who had a lower score (perhaps similar to mine) and still got in?

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    Hi The Mary89,
    I was looking at another thread on here and It looks like the cut off for this semester was 10.60. There were 2 students that said they were on the pending list. which I'm sure there are a few each semester that decide not to attend because they have applied to other schools. This impaction score cutoff for spring 2013 seems to be the highest it's ever been so I doubt it will go up anymore next semester. I'm sure you will get in. but to help calm your nerves, check out a few other programs so you don't put all your eggs in one basket. I also applied to evergreen and CSUEB and knowing I had a backup plan helped me not get so anxious.
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    OMG, assuming it is 10.60 again, that means I'll miss getting in by.01%?!!? That would literally be so tragic! I wonder if they only put people who are at the low end of the cutoff on the waitlist, not people who miss the cutoff completely (even if it's only by a tiny fraction). I am so extremely stressed out right now. I applied to SFSU, CSUEB, Seattle and Dominican, but got rejected from Dominican because I had too many science courses in progress. I think it's silly that they encourage you to apply with prereq's in progress, then just reject you because they're not sure how you'll do. Were the two students on the pending list below the cutoff? or were they within the cutoff limit? So. Stressed!
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    I am pretty sure that the way it works is they just put impaction scores in order from highest to lowest and then accept the top 60 into the program. Then they put the next 9 or so in line on the pending list and then the rest are denied. Like I said I highly doubt that that the impaction score will go up anymore, if anything it could go down. If you look at their advising slides on line or go to an advising session you will get a much better feel of how the whole thing works. I am guessing since you already know your impaction score then you have already taken your TEA'S? have you thought about retaking it to get a better score to boost your impaction score?
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    I saw your stats on another post and I am calculating your impaction score to be higher. How are you calculating it? what formula are you using?
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    I thought the impaction score was:

    GPA in 5 pre-req's: Micro, Anatomy, Physio, English 1A, and Psychology
    A in Micro, B in Anatomy, B in Physiology (:'-( ), A in English 1A, and A in Psychology

    Overall GPA in last 30 semester units.

    Teas score divided by 23 (80/23)

    Am I correct? What are you coming up with?

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