SJSU has moved 2013 deadline up

  1. Hi folks,

    I just wanted to spread the word (because it came as a surprise to me) that San Jose State University moved the deadline up by a month on their BSN program. It is now Feb. 15, 2013.

    I've been preparing to apply for more than a year and checking their website regularly. Most of the materials that I looked at still say the OLD deadline of March 15 but... don't believe it! I called and the new deadline is Feb 15.

    Good luck all!
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  3. by   tphambam
    I attended the most recent group advising session approx. 2 weeks ago and ******** said that the applications will be due March 15 as planned. BUT, you are able to turn in your applications as early as Feb. 15th. After this application period, they are planning on switching the deadlines for both FALL AND SPRING, but it will not be effective this semester. Impaction criteria will also change after this application period.

    So, MARCH 15TH is the deadline for this application period.
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  4. by   Themary89
    I just called, and they are still honoring the march 15th deadline for this application period, but will be changing the deadline for future application periods. everybody stay calm! lol
  5. by   scwolf
    Ah, that is good to hear, you two. Thanks for the update. When I called, the woman told me that it was Feb. 15. I asked her twice, just to be sure I understood. It seems more fair to applicants, however, for the school to honor the Mar. 15 deadline. That's great they are going to do that.

    On the upside... it put a fire under me. My materials are all submitted.

    Good luck to both of you!
  6. by   melygina
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm getting my SJSU Nursing application ready as I write this and I also realized few days back they moved the nursing application deadline. I'm gonna do my best to send it as soon as possible to avoid any problems.
    I was wondering if any of you have gotten your University acceptance letter? It says we have to send some documents (doc of passing WST, proof of university acceptance, doc of TEAS scores, official transcripts, etc) along with our application and self checklist. But, up to now I haven't received any letter from SJSU that is admitting me as a student. I also checked MySJSU and it shows that my university application status is in progress. How is it for you guys? have you received any letter?

  7. by   scwolf
    Hi melygina

    The woman I spoke with at SJSU said that it was OK that we don't have our University admission yet. I don't have mine either, although I've also applied. I just noted that on the form. Hopefully that's correct.
  8. by   melygina
    Thanks Scwolf, I also called the SJSU nursing department and they clarified that I could send my application without the University admission letter. They said, later on once we get it we can send it to them. So, I just applied few days ago. Hopefully, everything went fine with my app. Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   scwolf
    It did. Thanks, melygina. Good luck to you!
  10. by   KrioH
    good luck to all! I am in my first semester at SJSU school of nursing and its awesome but a lot of work of course. Just a heads up that it took us about 7 weeks to get our letters this last time. Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help.
  11. by   scwolf
    Thanks so much, KrioH.

    I'm sure questions will come up. It's so nice to have someone who's already in the program.