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I wanted to start a thread on the Sharp New Grad Program in San Diego that opened for apps today. Best of luck to all that applied!... Read More

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    Congratulations and good luck!
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    Thank you. I wish everyone all the best. I know the stress and the disheartening times we're all going through.
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    Haven't received any calls and I applied to memorial and CV.
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    No calls... I applied to Memorial and Grossmont programs, and I work for Sharp
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    I think as long as we haven't received rejection emails we are ok. One of my friends got a rejection email 3 weeks ago :/
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    Oh wow didn't realize they're already sending out rejection emails. 🙏🙏
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    Yeah I was very surprised. But I'm glad I haven't received one... So far haha
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    I just got an offer from NICU at SMB Woo Hoo!!!! Took 7 months of unemployment since graduation! It will happen! Don't give up! My best advice is to volunteer where you want to work!!!!
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    I agree with TheBushies, Volunteering + networking is huge! It has opened many doors for me
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    In my experience some hospitals don't want RNs as volunteers. Did you start before you got licensed?