SFSU Nursing applicant for 2013 Fall

  1. Hello I am a male nursing applicant for 2013 Fall. I have currently applied to 6 schools.

    -My gpa is 3.5 overall and 3.7 pre-req gpa
    -74% on the TEAS V test (I will try one more time...)
    -80 hours of volunteering at ER in Mills Peninsula Hospital
    - Fluent in 3 language including english

    I am scarred and want others' (formal applicants, graduates or current BSN students)opinions.

    -Thank you
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  3. by   sfsunursing
    Oh also, to all applicants that are applying to CSU and JC bsn/rn programs lets stay in touch and share our progresses!

  4. by   scwolf
    Hi sfsunursing,

    I am applying to the SFSU BSN (on-campus) too. I can't tell you what you chances are but you certainly sound competitive, especially with your languages. Just to compare:

    GPA about 3.7 overall, 4.0 in pre-reqs (or 3.8, depending which Chem I have to count)
    I did really well on my TEAS and got 94. I definitely recommend you take another try at it.
    I have over 100 hours volunteer at a low-income family practice clinic. (I think they need a minimum of 100 hours to count it. Can you volunteer 20 hours before the app deadline?)
    I'm fairly fluent in Spanish, as well as English of course.

    The scary thing is that there are so many people applying. Have you been to an information session yet?

    I am not applying to JC's (although they have great programs). Where else do you plan to apply?
  5. by   Themary89
    Hey all,

    I just turned in my application for SFSU's BSN on-campus program. Here are my stats:

    Overall GPA: 3.74
    Prerequisite GPA: 3.64
    TEAS: 80% (Advanced)
    Supplemental criterial:
    100+ hours of direct patient care volunteering at Kaiser ER dept.
    several summers of experience volunteering at a theater camp for at-risk/disadvantaged youth teaching singing/dancing classes.
    Bi-lingual: Spanish speaker.
    EMT-B certified and nationally registered.

    I am also applying to SJSU, CSUEB, Dominican University, and Seattle University. I have calculated that my impaction score is 10.59. Thoughts on my chances?

  6. by   Themary89
    *bump* anyone???