1. Hi All,

    I applied to the SFSU GMSN for fall 2012. Anyone else out there?

    I do not know how good my chances are for getting admitted but regardless I am excitedly awaiting news!

    Does anyone out there know any admission statistics for the SFSU GMSN program? Has anyone heard back from SFSU yet?

    Any SFSU GMSN students out there? How is the program? What where your GPA/GRE scores? How did you get in!?

    Thanks to anyone who responds!

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  3. by   kris443
    I found out yesterday I was accepted to the SFSU GMSN CNS in Women's Health. WooHoo! Anyhoo, I'd love to talk to someone who is in the program or has graduated from the program!
  4. by   Swedee5886
    Hi!I was also accepted to the 2012 GMSN-CNS women's health track! I' m very excited as well, but hoping for some insight about the program. I was unable to go to an info session, so I'm getting most of my info from the SFSU website. I'm currently deciding between USF (MEPN-CNL) and SFSU. I'm leaning toward SFSU because they offer the advanced practice nurse degree, and women's health is the field I want to go into. Anyone else in the GMSN program at SFSU have advice? Do you like the program and faculty? How are the clinical sites? Do you take classes as a cohort or with the other BSN students? Any input would be appreciated!
  5. by   kris443
    Nice! we might be classmates!

    Are you familiar with the role of the CNS-Women's Health? Do you know how it is different from the Women's Health NP role? I am having trouble figuring out what the role of the CNS is.... anyone? any insight?

    I too am considering another school and a feel like I really need to get more info about the CNS emphasis before making a final decision.

    I will pass on to you what I have learned about the program from my research...

    The program is not accelerated and no classes are offered any summer so 7 semesters in 3 and a half years, although I believe you can work as an RN after completing the first 4 semesters and passing the RN exam.

    We will be taking our classes with undergrads.

    What all have you learned about the program?
  6. by   Swedee5886

    Thanks for your response! I got an email from SFSU today because I asked them as well. Their reply: "The GMSN is 8 semesters long, no summer classes - only fall and spring. It is set up for you to finish in 4 years if you take all classes full time. The classes are mixed with undergrad students the first 5 semesters because you have no nursing background. At the end of the 5th semester, undergrads graduate with their BSN and you continue to get your MSN. You will receive further information regarding orientation in the coming weeks."

    As far as the CNS vs. NP in women's health there is a fair amount of info online. I've been searching a lot as well regarding the different roles in nursing. I do know that both the CNS and NP are considered advance practice nurses. Check out this link- it may help explain. http://resources.css.edu/academics/n...lescnsvsnp.pdf.

    I have to admit I don't know too much else about the program- I'm really mad at myself for not going to an info session! I wish they offered classes in the summer so the program would't take 4 years to complete. Unfortunately I need to decide in the next couple of days because USF wants my deposit by 4/13. I like this program because of the CNS-Women's Health specialty and the low cost (compared to USF)... It would be great to hear from students who are in the program now or who have already graduated.

    I wish I could be of more help- I'll certainly post what I find out

  7. by   kris443
    Thanks Hanna,

    I got the exact same e-mail from SFSU today. I was told that I could 'load up' on courses if I wanted to speed things up, but I do not know if that is realistic.

    4 years is so long, but it might be worth it to me for location and the Women's Health specialty. I am not sure yet...

    I am trying to get in touch with a current student and will let you know if I do and what I find out.

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. by   Lilfoot720
    congratulations! just wondering, when do you guys have to respond back to sfsu about whether or not you will accept your spot. i'm waitlisted so i just want to have an idea of when i might hear back.
  9. by   kris443
    Hey There,

    We have to respond by May 1.

    Good Luck!
  10. by   Swedee5886
    So I finally decided I will be going to SFSU Fall 2012! I just sent my reply and deposit. Looking forward to starting classes.
  11. by   AntRo
    Congrats to all of you who got accepted. I got an email from SFSU last week that stated I am number 5 on the wait list. I got into the University of San Diego (MEPN) and already paid out the $1,000 non-refundable deposit because I was unsure if I would get into SFSU (I guess it was a smart decision for now), but I prefer to go to SFSU because tuition is far less expensive. How much is the deposit for SFSU? Good luck to you all and I hope to see you this fall.

    p.s. I applied for the adult care track.
  12. by   Swedee5886
    @AntRo- I did exactly the same as you! I had put down my 1000 depost for USD as well, but decided SFSU is a better fit. Deposit is $100 for State. Hope to see you in the fall, #5 is very high on the list so I bet you'll get in
  13. by   AntRo
    Thanks Swedee5886.

    I am currently researching the differences b/w the CNL role (offered at USD) and CNS (via SFSU). One thing I continue to notice is that there are NOT a lot jobs available for the newly established CNL. Searching job sites like the VA, Sharp, Scripps, and other health care facilities, there are far more CNS positions available. From what I read the CNL role is to take the place of the CNS role b/c the CNS role is too similar to that of an NP. You got any input on this?

    I emailed SFSU this morning to see if I have moved up from my #5 spot on the wait list. No reply yet.
  14. by   Swedee5886
    AntRo- I was doing a lot of research comparing CNL vs. CNS roles, and came up with a lot of the same information that you mentioned. Part of my decision to choose SFSU aside from the lower cost was because I wanted the more specialized CNS degree. It is also considered an advance practice registered nursing degree, whereas the CNL is not. I know the CNL role is fairly new in the field, so it may take a while for the demand of jobs to increase. I was also accepted to USF (MEPN-CNL), and read on a FAQ page that when joining the work field as a CNL you may need to tell your employer what you are trained to do, as most may not be familiar with the role :/ Anyways, I opted for the CNS (women's health) at SFSU. It seems like a better fit for my future goals.

    Check out this link, it has some good info on CNL vs. CNS roles: http://www.aacn.nche.edu/cnl/CNLCNSComparisonTable.pdf

    I'm not clear about the CNL role being created to replace the CNS. I know there has been a lot of confusion and mixed feelings about adding yet another degree (CNL) to the field. The CNL, CNS, and NP all have some overlap in responsibility and training. However, both the CNS and NP are advance practice degrees. Here is another chart that helps to compare (http://resources.css.edu/academics/n...lescnsvsnp.pdf). It seems like both NPs and CNSs play different roles in the field and are needed.

    Anyways, I hope you will hear back from SFSU soon. I know those accepted have to send notification by May 1st, so I’m sure you will be finding out soon. Best of luck!