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I am starting new thread to get to know others who are in same boat as I. I am applying at SFSU for Fall 2012 BSN on Campus. I am eagerly waiting to know decision from school, but so far I have not heard anything. I am very... Read More

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    Hi KLJ,

    I hope you got in!

    I have a question for you. I was (maybe am) considering applying to the Sequoia Hospital BSN. My only reservation is that the application said that when you graduate, you agree to accept a job at Sequoia Hospital if you are offered one. Now, I know jobs are tight and it would be lucky to be offered a job but still it makes me nervous to go into a program where I promise to work a certain place. What if changes happen, in your family for instance, or you have a better option?

    Mainly, I'm wondering what you think of that stipulation for the program?


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    Quote from Avill
    8 semesters. Spring was semester number 1. So I will graduate Fall of 2015!
    The money is what scares me most though.
    Hi Avill, I'm also in nursing program at USF, and will graduate Fall 2015 as well. Money is also my big concern. Nice to talk to you. Hope to see you at school sometime -
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    @Bzepeda73 or anyone that can offer some much needed help/advice:

    Based on your personal experiences and feedbacks that you have heard from your fellow classmates/friends, which clinical hospitals (Laguna Honda, CPMC, General Hospital, etc.) would you recommend for SFSU? And why? Any certain professors that you would recommend for 1st semester?

    In addition, how difficult was the Drug Calculation Exam? Do the practice problems they ask you to do on your own in the textbook come close to the exam questions? And mostly, do I have to write all my answers for the practice problems on paper and turn that in as an actual assignment?

    Also, I was wondering whether or not it's important for me to retain all the information that I have learned in Anatomy and Physiology class? Or will the nursing classes teach you new information where you don't have to remember the detailed informations that you have learned in Anatomy and Physiology?

    Last but not the least, does the "Nurse Pack" contain all the clinical supplies (stethoscopes, blood pressure, hemostat, etc.) or is it a completely different set of tools? And what brand of blood pressure set would you recommend? Where can I buy the supplies?

    Thank you guys in advance for all the help! I am really confused and lost so I'm hoping that all of your experiences can prove to be a big help!
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    Just wanted to answer a couple of questions since I'm currently in the SFSU/Canada/Sequoia program.
    Yes, we are required to sign the agreement to work at Sequoia, but they told us at orientation that since the first two cohorts, Sequoia hasn't really been hiring. In fact, there's a hiring freeze there currently. So it's really just a formality!

    Also, @ParkJB, I feel like if you go over the book and have a pretty good grasp on it, the drug calculation really isn't that bad. I'm not sure whether you need to turn in the practice problems, but at our program (Sequoia), we did not.
    You should have a working knowledge of A&P, although you aren't in any danger if you have forgotten it (like me). It just helps since most of the theory classes build off of that basic knowledge.
    Not sure what is in the "nurse pack," but I literally bought everything on Amazon (stethoscope, BP cuff, etc.). I just read reviews to see what people preferred, but if you need a suggestion, I invested in the Littman Cardio III stethoscope and I haven't regretted it.
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    In response to ParkJB, most teachers are different so no use in recommendations. As far as the clinical sites, I've heard great things about most of the hospitals so it really depends on which day you want to go to clinicals on. The Drug Calculation exam is not bad as long as you practice. Remember that you can take it again if you don't pass. I went over the entire book and did most of the problems, they get kinda repetitive. Nothing needs to be turned in. I'm sure you were told to start the first 2 units but I suggest you keep going because you have to go through the entire book by the first few weeks!!
    As far as Anatomy and Physio, if you were accepted into the program I'm sure you know enough already, no need to refresh...I didn't. The "Nurse Pack" does not contain steth, blood pressure set, bandage scissors, penlight, or hemostat....you can get them online. As far as the steth, most everyone bought the Littman Classic II SE, works perfect. Any BP set works good, you can find them on Amazon for cheap.

    Hope this helps!!
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    Hey SFSU nursing students,

    I have a GPA of 3.72, a TEAS V score of 80 (advanced) and 100 hours of ER Volunteer experience. I am also a registered/certified EMT-B. What are your thoughts on my chances of admission to SFSU's BSN program?? I am also planning on applying to SJSU and am waiting to hear from Dominican University. Please answer with your TEAS score, as I am trying to figure out if I should take the time/spend the money to try and improve my TEAS score.


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    Bert!! Bombom!!

    It's nice to see you and everyone here. ;-)

    Congrats everyone on getting in, Level 2 is tough. I just want to get going with level 4 and eventually be at 5.

    Your mentor migs...

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