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Hi all, There is a discussion group that has seemed to lump both main campus and Caņada students together--why not start our own? Our program uses different texts (we'll have to buy them through... Read More

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    I actually bought the supply packet, but the only things i actually ended up using out of it were stethoscope and pen light and kelly clamps. you can also find all of these things, along with extra scrubs, at life uniform in serramonte, or any other nursing store. you will need to buy the supply bundle that has all of your stuff for the assessment course, but that is a separate purchase.
    So far, most of my clinicals have been at sequoia. First and Second semester you will be on either the med surg or cardiac unit, unless you have Esther Kawamura (whom I HIGHLY recommend) in which case you'll be on med surg both semesters on monday nights. I had her and loved her. Come summer is when you start rotating out. Sequoia doesn't have a pediatric unit, so you go to 5 different places. I went to Children's Oakland (which I DO NOT recommend), while others went to Lucille Packard, UCSF, Stanford, and CPMC. It's all done by lottery, which you will see on your orientation this coming friday. That's the first half of the semester, and then the second half of summer goes into labor and delivery, which can be at Sequoia, Stanford, or CPMC. there might be another one, but i'm not sure. I'm back at sequoia for this one and have had a good experience. A lot of it depends on the instructor, so I recommend asking the people in my cohort who they liked and/or didn't like. Then 4th semester is Psych and Community, niether of which are at sequoia. Psych is either Stanford or Laguna Honda, or some community based like halfway houses and what not. Community Health is all over the bay area. That is our next semester, so I don't have much to offer on that YET. 5th Semester is your Capstone, and there are 30 spots at Sequoia, and the rest get rotated out, mostly to Stanford.
    I know that our cohort is doing a big brother/sister type of deal for you guys to pass down handy information, books, scrubs, and help to mentor. You should be getting a lot more info on Friday. Be prepared to pick your schedule though. Have they sent you the options?

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    I noticed your thread and am sending in my application this week for next fall. I am sure that all of you are in the thick of the program right now. I was hoping that I could get your feedback. How do you feel about the program so far, etc?

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    Hi allnurses,

    I am almost done with semester 2 of nursing school.whew! and my registration for classes is in 2 days.Now, I wanna know who's had their peds/maternity,which hospital and instructor. Any preference?

    I would appreciate your replies as this would help me decide who to pick/where to do my clinical rotation

    Thanks in advance

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