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Hello! I wanted to start a forum for applicants that are applying specifically to the Sequoia/SFSU BSN program for Fall 2013. I wanted to invite students who are currently applying, already in... Read More

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    Quote from meekmeek62
    I too would love to join the facebook page- I did search all different ways and cannot locate the group/page. Since I haven't been a member of this site for very long, I cannot PM anyone. I would love it if someone could leave the link/ message me with the link. It would be great to meet people prior to the start date. Also, I am thinking about moving closer to Sequoia/Canada (I am in Burlingame now)
    Hi Jessica,

    I did leave a link to the FB page in one of my previous posts, but it was removed since posting links to other social networks violates the terms of use for

    So, I will try and have someone PM you the link.

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    If someone can PM me the link too, that would be great! Thanks so much for all the information and great websites Bluejemm!
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    I just sent the facebook link to sackmanr, sudhasaravan and meekmeek62.
    Please check your private messages. Thanks
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    Just checked out the link to the Nursing handbook and noticed that pharmacology and patho phys. are missing- anyone else notice this too?
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    Got the link in my PM- Thank you for sending!!
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    I noticed the same thing. I'm assuming our curriculum plan will be a little different than what they have posted?
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    Did anyone get waitlisted? Kind of odd how there aren't any waitlist numbers for the Seq/BSN applicants...anyhoo crossing my fingers!
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    Can someone please send me a pm of the fb link too can't seem to find the group when I search! Thanks in advance
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the site, and have just been accepted into the Sequoia Nursing program for the the Fall of 2013. I am eager and anxious about the transition and would love to be a part of the cohort group on here as well as on facebook. I look forward to meeting most of you, and also have many questions for those who are familiar with the program. I sent a friend request on facebook for the cohort 10 group (under ---------------------) and hope to hear back ya"ll, so that I too can start to prepare for this exciting new chapter
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    Congrats to the future Cohort 10s! I am currently in the program (Cohort 9). Feel free to ask any questions, and I can do my best to help you get through the summer while you wait for orientation.