Scripps New Grad Nurse Residency 2013 - page 11

Hello fellow new grads! I'm starting this post to round up all the applicants for the 2013 cohort at Scripps in San Diego. I called HR today and they were rather tight-lipped about when the application would post, and was told... Read More

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    Anyone know when the "you got an interview" emails are supposed to go out??!?

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    I've been avoiding the board because of my crazy anxiety but mine also only says "submission received". Coriander or ExPharmaGirl...anything different show up for your status?
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    Quote from ChristMRN
    Anyone know when the "you got an interview" emails are supposed to go out??!?
    In reviewing previous post from the last cohort it was 10 days after the posting went up that interview emails were sent out. So I am hoping by Wednesday that we get that email!!!
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    I received my rejection email today. I'm officially losing hope that I'll ever be the nurse I went to school (and accumulated a ton of debt!!) to be.
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    I received my rejection email a little bit ago as well.
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    I got the rejection email this morning too. This is so disheartening
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    I got a rejection email the first time I applied. Got a interview the second time. Didn't get a position then, but now I'm in. I know that one of the managers like candidates that have serving experience. It shows that you know to work in a team environment. I had 10 years of serving experience. Hope this helps.
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    No love from scripps! Applied twice and no interview both times. I'm okay with it though- I'm a Sharp Girl at heart!
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    hey fellow snowballs... Haven't checked the status lately but haven't received the rejection email. Will follow up when I'm at a real computer.
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    Hey everyone, I have been following the postings, I just wanted to give my info. I applied on the first day, my status still says "submission received," and I have not received any email... I am obviously hoping for the best, but am not overly confident that I will get good news ... Anyway, I will keep you all updated if I hear anything!

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