Santa Clara Valley Medical Center 2012

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    Did anyone apply for the Clinical Nurse I position at SCVMC? From what I've heard, there was close to 600 applicants for who knows how many positions available. Anyone got a rejection letter or an interview yet? Thanks for any info!

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    I applied! Wow, 600 applicants? WOW!!!

    I haven't heard a peep, but look forward to this thread. Thanks for starting it!
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    Yup. Even though I'm an external, I was able to get ahold of someone in HR and said that there were over 590 applicants. HR does first line screening and forwards potential candidates' applications to nurse managers within the next week or two so we should hear back soon...
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    wasn't it a part-time position as well?
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    Quote from AN1324
    wasn't it a part-time position as well?
    Yes, it's for part-time. I'm surprised at how many applicants applied considering that the application period was only open for 3 days or so.
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    Anyone hear anything yet?
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    Nothing yet.
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    someone on facebook mentioned that their friend got a rejection email.
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    I just checked my status and nothing has changed there. I know some places don't change their statuses until later, so the wait continues.
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    check your emails. they sent a notification saying that you were scored a % and a ranking.

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