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Did anyone apply for the Clinical Nurse I position at SCVMC? From what I've heard, there was close to 600 applicants for who knows how many positions available. Anyone got a rejection letter or an interview yet? Thanks for any... Read More

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    Congrats on the interview... I still haven't received a ranking or rejection.
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    Wish you luck on that interview. I still haven't received anything either, rejection nor ranking.
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    Congrats as well! May I ask when they called you for an interview? Also, did you receive any sort of ranking?

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    thanks guys! I never received a ranking e-mail. They called me to schedule the interview on July 26th. The manager said that she had a lot of applicants for about three positions and she had hoped to make a decision in the next 1-2 weeks.

    I would say to call HR and see whats up. They said from the beginning that those who were not chosen would get an e-mail saying so..
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    UGh- never got a single thing! Good luck to you and those who got an interview!
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    LoveAlwaysV, would you mind sharing some of your stat (ADN/BSN, certs, grad date, preceptorship, etc.)? Just trying to see what Santa Clara was looking for in terms of a competitive applicant. Thanks again! Sorry for the barrage of questions!
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    Hey, its okay. I have a BSN graduated from SJSU in 2011 (got ASN in 2010 at EVC) precepted in peds at scvmc when I was a evergreen and precepted in oncology at kaiser santa clara for SJSU; BLS, ACLS, EKG class no other certs. I moved for new graduate program at UCLA and have been there for about a year now. Trying to get back to the bay area desperately!
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    Wow, nice! Having already worked for a year you totally deserve that interview. (:
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    I also got an interview, mine was on July 31, just waiting to hear back now... hate the waiting game
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    Hi LoveAlwaysV, I graduated from SJSU in May of 2011, were you in that class? Good luck to you!!!