San Joaquin Delta College Fall 2012

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    Does anyone have any information about the ADN application?
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    I just received an email requesting supporting documents yesterday. I'm so happy and confused at the same time. Does this mean I'm in the program? I will submit everything within the next day or two and wait and see?
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    I got an email too requesting for the same thing. I'm confused too, so that makes two of us. I read the previous posts from last semester and it seems like people who gets that email are either conditionally accepted or alternate. I also talked to my friend who just graduated there and he said the same thing, but I'm not really sure. I'm sending my documents soon.
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    I'm getting the same impression from a friend currently in the program. Hopefully we can get some more feedback from others in here. Hand delivering my docs today. Good luck!
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    I got the same message. I assume we have made it to the next step. after we submit documents, im sure we will be put in a lottery and leave it up to luck!!!
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    I think 90% of the accepted students willed based on points and the 10% willed lottery. This is gonna be a long wait.
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    my counselor told me that this semester they are doing it different and requesting documentation from every person that applied, not just the people selected, which even she doesn't agree with :/ what were your points when trying to get in?
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    I'm not sure. I think around 60. What were you guys' score? In that case I shouldn't have my hopes up.
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    you're right 90% is just the order of highest scores, the last 10% is lottery of those that didn't make it based on their score.. so even if your score is lower than the lowest score accepted, you still have a chance based on lottery
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    Hi everyone I am new to this site and also applied to SJDC for fall 2012 I got the documentation submittance letter and was so excited but not so much now b/c I don't have a very high score and am wondering if everyone got this email to submit docs?! Is this a good thing? I'm so confused!