San Diego State University Fall 2014 hopefuls

  1. Hello!
    I'm starting a thread for those who have applied to SDSU's BSN program for Fall 2014. I know we still have some time to find out if we are accepted or not, but I thought it would be nice to start this thread so that we can all have some support while we are all stressing about whether we got in or not. Also, I am interested in how competitive my scores/ grades are under the new point criteria. Here are my stats:

    Cumulative GPA: 3.89
    prerequisite GPA: 3.73
    TEAS: 89.3
    5 points for work experience (I work as a CNA in a home health care agency, I think it should count, right?)
    61 points total (so worried this score isn't very competitive)
    military veteran also (not worth points but hopefully it is put into consideration?)

    please post your stats too!! Also, for chemistry I took both general chemistry and organic chemistry, do I include both when determining my prereq. GPA or just the organic chemistry?
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  3. by   Motchie_Moo
    I have applied as well. I do not have the points chart in front of me, but my stats are

    TEAS: 91%
    Both GPAs are 4.0

    No work/volunteer experience
    I am a veteran as well.

    I don't know if you count both chemistry grades; I took the class that combines general, organic, and biochem.

    I am nervous since they are so very picky with their admissions now!

    Best to us all!
  4. by   Hardyhar
    Hi! I think your stats are good and you don't have anthing to worry about! I had straight A's up until last semester and I got two b's. Unfortunately, those two B's are part of the major prerequisites. I wish that SDSU were using all of the major prereqs for the gpa calculation, instead of just the 5 because then it would be a little bit higher. Oh well, I will just keep my fingers crossed. I'm pretty sure that they put the military experience into consideration. I know that CSUSM doesn't give points for veterans, however, if there were a tie between two candidates they choose the veteran. Hopefully SDSU does something similar because it's my first choice school.
  5. by   Esme12
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  6. by   mprad
    Thank you for starting this thread. It's no nice to chat with people who are in the same boat, just waiting to hear from admissions. Here are my stats:

    Overall GPA 3.82= 24 pts
    Prereq GPA 4.0= 30 pts
    TEAS 95.3% = 12 pts

    I also have work experience as an LVN for a total of 71 pts. That seems pretty good but as Motchie_Moo mentioned State is so competitive you just never know. Does anyone else become more and more nervous the more time passes?!?
  7. by   Beccaz07
    Yes thank you for posting this! I've been wondering where my chances lie. I have a total of anywhere of 62-67 points. (Gpa's are both 4.0, 82.0 on the teas). I've worked as a chiropractic assistant for well over a year and have experience with direct patient care and physiotherapy modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound,electrical muscle stimulation, mechanic traction ect, as well as taking patient vitals. It's pretty much the same job as medical assistant. I'm hoping it will score be the extra 5 points!
  8. by   Hardyhar
    Did you guys apply to any other schools, or just SDSU? Beccaz, I too am hoping for the 5 work experience points. I have my CNA certification and I have direct patient care, however it's home health care rather than a skilled nursing facility. It's only 5 points, but it could be the differance between getting in and not getting in. I am curious as to how the new point system will affect the number of applications SDSU recieves since the minimum score for the TEAS was raised to 80.
  9. by   Motchie_Moo
    I have not applied to any other schools, but if I do not get into State, I may apply to Grossmont then just do RN to BSN later. I have a family and CSU San Marcos is simply too long of a commute for me. I hear terrible things about National...their NCLEX passing rate is not so hot...
  10. by   zzbxdo
    Quote from Motchie_Moo
    I have not applied to any other schools, but if I do not get into State, I may apply to Grossmont then just do RN to BSN later. I have a family and CSU San Marcos is simply too long of a commute for me. I hear terrible things about National...their NCLEX passing rate is not so hot...
    If you don't get into State, what makes you think getting into grossmont any easier? Not doubting you or anything, your stats are solid, but the application pool is going to be stacked being sd is so saturated with applicants just as competitive as you. Just saying you might as well start early and apply to both right off the bat instead of wasting time.
  11. by   mprad
    I applied to CSU San Marcos and plan to apply to Grossmont when their application opens in February. San Marcos doesn't let applicants know until July which is after the intent to enroll is required by the University. That means if the University accepts a person, they have to pay the $150 deposit and tell the University they intend to enroll. If the nursing school doesn't accept them, they are out of luck (and $150). Needless to say, they are not my first choice. But if all else fails it's certainly better than nothing.
  12. by   Beccaz07
    Mpraad, I also applied to San Marcos but I didn't know about their late acceptance notification until after I applied. I've applied to SDSU, CSULB and plan on applying to Saddleback College in February. Id be happy with SDSU or long beach!
  13. by   Motchie_Moo
    zzbxdo- You're right; I realized that, so I actually started some of the legwork today that it takes to apply to Grossmont. I have a friend who started Grossmont's program Fall 2013, and her GPA is about 3.6ish, and she scored an 80-something on her TEAS test. Don't remember exactly what her numbers were. But yea, applying to both State and Grossmont. Hopefully one will work out!
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  14. by   SuperMurse
    Good luck to you all. Seems like you all have very competitive GPA/TEAS test scores.

    SDSU is a great program. I graduated from there recently and if you have any questions about the program or nursing in general, i'm happy to answer them